Wednesday, December 05, 2007


I want some of these!

Unfortunately I'd need a package of the short ones and at least one long one. And they're $12.95 each! Although she does have a 15% off coupon on her blog... They come in so many pretty colors, I 'd have a hard time deciding which ones...other than the basic black ones...of course I'd get those! Plus they come with a 16-page (woo-hoo) style guide. Seriously, that is cool, but they mention it everywhere! :)

It seems like a really clever idea, though I'm wondering how well they would last. It does say in the product info to unfold them, don't pull them straight out, to avoid kinks in them; which is what I would worry about happening!
Let's see, the 15% percent off of two packages would be...$22.02 plus however much shipping is...hmm... Christmas present? :)


Beth said...

We have blue and green "trash ties" in the junk drawer in the kitchen. You can have them for $1.00 each. :)

Natalie said...

Yes, but they're not fabric-covered and 5 or 25 inches long! Actually...they might be 5 inches long...