Sunday, December 02, 2007


Okay, I was going to post about this on Friday, I think? Anyway...

I cooked supper on Thursday, which I usually do, that's my night to cook. Unfortunately, on Thursday I was all confused and kept thinking it was Saturday, so I forgot to go out and pick the swiss chard to go with supper until it was dark out. I managed to finally get everything else in the oven early enough that it would get done. Then I went to pick the swiss the light cell phone. And it worked, so stop laughing! :) I could hold in the palm of my left hand and it would shine down, which a flashlight wouldn't do. Rebecca knows I like to use my cellphone as a light (fifth paragraph)....but it actually worked this time!

So I got the chard picked:

And got it cut up and put in a pan:

And cooked it:

There wasn't very much of it to begin with, and then since it's like spinach, it cooked down a whole lot!

And Dad actually liked it...he didn't think he would. He said "This isn't too's basically like spinach."
Colin: "It's better than spinnish..." which cracked me up!

I went to babysit last night and on my way there saw this huge light display of a confederate flag! It was probably about 5-6 feet wide. It was made out of mainly rope lighting I think...I'm not sure what they made the stars out of, but it was pretty um...well, it was well done... Well, I'll just say it was odd! :) And visible... I tried to get a picture of it on the way back, but it's hard to take a picture of lights.

I'm going to try to keep up with posting every day, or at least almost every day. It wasn't too hard through November...if you're planning on blogging you remember things to blog about! But NaBloPoMo is done for this year...they give out a few prizes randomly, I wonder if I'll get anything? Probably not!


Rebecca said...

You can take videos of lights.

I'm glad the lantern mode worked...although it would have been nice in that "scary" battlefield, I mean, minefield...

I miss putting my link on here! I guess it is in the post, though :D

Natalie said...

"You can take videos of lights"

Ah...I'll do that next Saturday when I go by there! It will help if I have my own camera...I was trying to use my friend's camera.

mandolinartist said...

"By the light of my cell phone" sounds like a modern version of a folk song or ballad!

The annoying peep said...

Natalie! You ain't got no cell phone! That's your mom's!