Wednesday, December 26, 2007

You say you want a revolution

I got my hair cut this morning...and it's cut right!!! I decided to try out this place that's just down the road from us. "The Salon"...descriptive name, right? Anyway, it's a nice place, and the lady cut my hair properly. I'll definitely be going back there! My hair's back to the way it was after I got it cut in Oregon, instead of the overly-texturized effect I got last time!

I got a new hairdryer for Christmas too! This one. I must say I was rather sceptical about the ionic drying thing, it's supposed to make your hair smooth and shiny. It actually seems to do that though. Perhaps if I understood the science behind it I wouldn't be surprised that something so crazy-sounding actually worked... Anyway, ions aside, it couldn't have helped but be better than what I have been using, my mom's old hair-dryer which is older than me. A hair dryer which has managed to accumulate so much dust (plus just being old) that it couldn't be run on heat for very long at all before it would shut off...ah, much better! And it dries faster.

So I got my hair done, and when I got home we started getting the tree taken down. I took most of the ornaments off the tree, then Dad and Colin finished it while I ate a sandwich and then headed over to my friend's house.

With all my knitting before Christmas, I was getting very stressed, and my friend Zoe was one of the people who I was knitting fingerless gloves for. Well, I finished all the other pairs and just couldn't face making another pair before Sunday. I decided she would much rather get them after Christmas from a sane friend, than right on time, and mailed from a mental institution! Makes sense, right? :) Well, I ended up starting the gloves Sunday afternoon while we waited at the emergency vet. And I got quite a bit done then! :( That's how long we were there! So I managed to finish them yesterday evening. If I'd known how fast they were going to go, I might have tried to get them done the week before! It was a bulky yarn and they were shorter than most of my other ones, so I think that's why they went so fast. Unfortunately I didn't get a picture of them, or of the ones I gave my cousins...I only got one picture: of the pair I made for my friend Melody:
Amazingly that picture which I took with my camera timer set and the camera held under my chin, didn't turn out fuzzy! The other pairs I made had thumbs on them like the ones I made for myself.

So I got Zoe's gloves done and took them over to her. Then I came back home and worked on my packing list, then Mom and I went to Walgreen's. I don't like Walgreen's. I much prefer CVS or someplace else to Walgreen's. Nothing was arranged well, most things weren't clearly marked, the one thing I was looking for because I had a coupon was more expensive than anyplace else, and the employees were rather incompetent. We were walking through the store when we heard this tremendous crash in the other aisle where one of the employees had dropped something. "I knew that was gong to happen!" she says. "We need to clean up aisle three!" I never made it over there to see what she'd dropped, but she didn't even seem to care! And the guy at the cash register managed to get everything rung up right, but he sure wasn't cheerful about it.

So...we got that over with, and on the way home I almost (not really) ran over my friend (the one that was asking all the questions at the Christmas dinner) who was standing beside the road with his skateboard. I honked and waved at him...he didn't seem particularly pleased.

We got home to find Dad BEING EFFICIENT and GETTING STUFF DONE. You'd think we were leaving tomorrow!

I did mention that we were leaving, didn't I? Maybe I didn't... We're leaving Friday to go to Saint Louis, MO. We'll be there through Saturday, and then Saturday night we'll head up to Springfield, IL to see relatives. And we'll be there until we leave on the 2nd. I probably won't be blogging in that time, because we're not planning on bringing a computer with us, and my grandma has a computer but with a dial-up connection so it would be very, very slow!

So that's what I did today. And the title has nothing to do with the post, I just seem to be following my cousin Rebecca's lead, and using quotes for titles...and I've had that song in my head since I heard on the radio earlier today. Well, I could be referring to getting a revolutionary new hairdryer. Or almost running over innocent skateboarders...I imagine that could start a revolution!

Oh, I've got some stuff that I think I'll have to post about tomorrow...I really need to take a Tylenol and get to bed; my head's hurting. Goodnight!...and good luck... oh, I'm tired.


Beth said...

"Innocent skateboarders"?? You know some *innocent* skateboarders? Hmmm....

Natalie said...

Well, let's just say "not deserving of being run over"!

Rebecca said...

That doesn't sound right either :D

Natalie said...

Okay...skateboarders, any skateboarders, who have not done anything to offend me personally to the extent that I should run them over! That better? :D

han said...

Wow, Natalie, you obviously were writing a blog post! Long - but intresting! =)