Friday, December 28, 2007

Still here!

We're not going to leave till tomorrow. Colin is doing a bit better this morning, but he's still coughing quite a bit. So I think we're going to leave tomorrow and take the trip in two days, stopping Louisville, KY Saturday night. I was hoping we'd be in Springfield on Sunday to go to church...hopefully I'll have time to see my cousins some other time during the week!

I'm not sure now how long we'll be gone...maybe we'll be coming home on Thursday instead.

If I have time I'll get another post written today, right now I think Mom and I are going to go to the grocery store.

I guess I'll be ready to go whenever, I've already got all my stuff packed, except for a book and my iPod!* I worked very hard at packing light, since I didn't do that so well when I went to Oregon. It helps that I know what it going to be like in Illinois: cold! And we won't be doing much other than sitting around Grandma's house probably.

*The spell-check doesn't like thinks it should say Izod. Yeah, I need to pack a book and a polo shirt...whatever...


Rebecca said...

I'm leaving tomorrow (for Wheaton) too...I haven't even started packing yet.

Maybe you're packing lighter because you don't have somebody else's bag to put your tripod in :)

Natalie said...

Ha-ha...I'm not bringing my tripod this time. And I just have a big duffle bag full of my stuff. And a bag of stuff for the car. I probably still over-packed!

Han said...

Hey, Natalie - have a great time! We'll miss you.

Dad said...

There's always room for a tripod!

Natalie said...

Thanks Hannah! I guess I'll see you on the 6th!

Hmm...always room for a tripod until you're trying to fit everything in the car tomorrow! :)