Monday, December 24, 2007


After taking Petunia to the emergency vet yesterday, because of course cats have to get sick on a holiday weekend, we find out there is nothing wrong with her!

Friday night I was petting her and she didn't want me to pet her back. Then when I felt around on her back and finally down at the base of her spine, she hissed and growled at me, something she never does. So by Saturday night, she was still sore and her tail looked swollen, so we decided she must have an abscess. Gracie bites her a lot when they are play/fighting, so we figured she must have gotten bitten, and then it got infected. Well, that's pretty serious, so we wanted to get it taken care of before Wednesday, especially since we'd be leaving Friday.

So we stuffed her into the cage, took her to the vet (meowing all the way) and waited for ever at the vet's office. And guess what? They couldn't find anything wrong with her! No abscess, nothing broken, nothing swollen, and no fever. They said she might have gotten bruised trying to jump onto something and sliding they gave us some pain medicine to give to her.
*sigh* She probably is bruised because she has arthritis, but she insists on jumping up on things and she can't always get herself pulled and so she slides back down. And I would think that if I had a tail and landed on it funny, it would probably be sore! But how that cat managed to make it look like it was all swollen around her tail and spine, I have no idea!

And she acted perfectly fine Sunday evening when we got home! Perfectly fine with a little pain medicine, that we could have given to her and not had to pay for the expensive emergency vet! Bother that cat...
She doesn't look very sorry does she? Little hypochondriac.
The vet's office was mainly full of dogs, the mayor was even in there with a little mop-like dog! There was only one other cat, a little kitten with a rash...a rash? I didn't realize cats could get rashes!


Rebecca said...

She looks very traumatized! :)

Poor Petunia! Everyone is so mean to us hypochondriacs! :D

Andrea said...

Haha! I just got that that said "hypochondricat"...I'm just a wee bit slow :)

Rebecca said...

The header looks good!!

Natalie said...

Thank you! The picture doesn't look as bright and snowy that way, but it was the only way to get the text to show up! That's one of the pictures I took in Oregon, up at Crater Lake.