Monday, December 10, 2007

Miscellaneous muddle

Hmm...I have a few other things I should be doing, but Grandma's over here talking to Mom, and most of the stuff I need to do involves noise that would be, I'll blog right now.
Hopefully this will make sense, I have an eyestrain headache right now. I just took a Tylenol so I should be feeling better soon, but I might be a little muddled until then! I haven't been drinking enough water recently is the skin is all dry too since the air is really dry this time of year.

Anyway, let's see... I stayed home from church last night because I was feeling "icky" and I managed to get some stuff done. So I felt a little more prepared for today then I usually do, which is good since I've had this headache today. I got a load of laundry done, and picked up around my room, and then I also got some pages printed out to put in my binder. I'm planning on making what is usually referred to as a "Home Management Binder". I've been reading about these on various blogs (I can't think which ones at the moment, or I would link them) and I've decided to set one up. It will take awhile, mainly because I don't have a whole lot of time right now to be messing with's not efficient to waste time on planning to be efficient! :) I will try to put this all together slowly. Last night I printed out pages for my daily to-do list which is usually written on a notebook, and schedule pages for the stuff I need to get done for Christmas. I've got all my Christmas presents that I'm working on written down and the dates I need to get them done by. I also looked up the holiday mailing deadlines on the post office's website, and got the dates written down that I need to get things shipped by.

Basically, I'm going to have to get my knitting done by the 19th(?), I think (I don't have my binder with me at the moment), and then I can finish the stuff for people locally. Except for my friend Jess, I need to wrap her present and get it to her by next Sunday, because she's leaving on the 20th...but that's already done, it just needs to be wrapped.
I'm almost done with two things...and then I've got one more to go before I ship them!

I was looking through my math book today after I finished my lesson, and figured out that I have 99 lessons to go until I'm done. Ugh... that means I'm not going to be done with it until...the middle of May, unless I double it up and do two lessons a day. So, I guess I should probably do that, since the only other thing I'm working on right now is History. That will get me done by about March 3rd....hmm...that's a bit better, especially since I'm going to do Geometry after this. But I'm not going to think about that right now. I'd really like to get done so that I have more time though!

Ah, my head's feeling a bit better! That's nice...

I'll write some more later about the binder I'm putting together. I'll try to find the blogs I've seen it mentioned on, and some more details.

It's almost hot here today...somewhere in the 70s...weird. Of course I'm still cold as usual, so it's not affecting me too much...


rebecca said...

The binder sounds cool. What kind of noisy stuff were you going to do (that would annoy Grandma so much)?? (Jim says "peeking and poking and popping" :D)


Natalie said...

Yeah, all that! No, things like using the mixer or vacuuming, or stuff like that.

I'll write some more about the binder when I get a chance.

rebecca said...

I found one blog post about a home management binder:

Was that what you were talking about?


Natalie said...

Yes...and thank you for the link. I'd heard about it before reading her blog, so there are others too.