Tuesday, December 04, 2007

That's better

They fixed the picture problem:http://knownissues.blogspot.com/2007/11/
I'm very happy! Now if they'd just put the comments page back the way it was...but I'm afraid that's permanent.

So, I've got 6 sewing or knitting projects to get done before Christmas...aaahhhhh! But I have two done, or very nearly done, I just have some finishing to do. SO I have four left, and...20? days to finish, actually, fewer days for some of the items because I'll have to ship them. Lovely. In other words I really should be knitting or something right now, not blogging! Plus I have plenty of other things to do before Christmas. I think we're putting up our tree tonight, sometime we need to get a family picture taken for our Christmas cards, and we need to get some cookies baked to send to my grandma. Oh yeah, that reminds me...we're going up to Illinois after Christmas. Since it's after Christmas it shouldn't be too stressful to get ready for....I won't have anything else I need to do!

I suppose I should post a picture just to make sure they've got it working now...

I made gingerbread cookies on Saturday...they were okay, but a little bit dry. It was a new recipe, and I don't think I'll make it again. I think I will try making my other ginger cookie recipe, but add a whole lot more spices to it...because it's pretty good, but a smidge bland.

Oh, I finished my Biology book today! No more science! And I got 100% on the last test, so that was a nice way to finish up a book.

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Beth said...

It was a FANTASTIC way to finish up science!

I feel compelled to remind you, though, that I did warn you about using a cookie recipe from a decorating magazine. :) The flavor is really good.