Monday, November 24, 2008 calendar's filling up

Well, I felt like last year wasn't very festive, so this should help at any rate. In a "Charlie Brown Christmas" sort of way at least... I need involvement!!! :D I need a schedule that's rapidly filling up. No, not really...ah, too late. I think part of the reason last Christmas didn't feel very Christmasy is because we left to go up to Illinois right after Christmas, and while it was fun to see my relatives up there it was all a bit of a rush at home before we left.
But anyway, whether it will help or not, it seems like there are going to be a good number of things going on this next month.

  • First, my cousins are coming this Wednesday night through Saturday for Thanksgiving. Yay! :)
  • There's a fellowship after church next Sunday. (I was thinking there was something going on the first week of December, but I'm not sure what it was now.)
  • On the 13th or 14th our church will probably be having a Thanksgiving/Christmas dinner at Fair Oaks Chapel for the elderly people there...although we haven't heard back from them yet, so it's up in the air still. (That's where our church meets in the evening...they have a very small group of mostly old people so they don't have an evening service.)
  • The 20th is the holiday concert at the coliseum...sorry, Winston-Salem Entertainment-Sports Complex is what they're calling it which case they should change their URL. Anyways, the Sealy/Fox 8 holiday concert, which is always fun to go to. The Salvation Army collects canned goods and that's the entrance fee.
  • Then on the 21st we're having a Christmas service at church, followed by a fellowship lunch.
  • On the 24th we're having a Christmas Eve service (no, we don't usually have this many services! lol) either at Fair Oaks or at someone's house...with maybe the possibility of snacks afterwards at someone's house if we're not at a house already? I'm not even quite sure on the details of all this! And I just said "house" three times in that sentence...

Okay, so that's six different things I not that much, but still quite a few things. We could have gone to a cookie exchange last week and an open house this week also. And of course I'm working next month too.

Sometime we'll put our Christmas tree up...if we get one. Mom and Colin had trouble with their allergies from the real tree last year, so we were thinking of getting a fake one, but waiting until they're on sale cheaper. Which might be after Christmas. :P I don't mind either way, I like having a tree and decorating it, but I don't mind if we don't have one. Hmm...I do like all the decorating though... ah, whatever.

Let's see what else...I went and got my hair trimmed Sunday afternoon...I don't see that it was really necessary for the lady to cut off quite as much as she did, since I did say to cut as little as possible. I guess that's as little as it was possible for her to cut off! I just wanted the split-ends trimmed, because it was getting all frizzy. I realized the other day that I don't do much with my hair anymore...I used to braid it a lot and stuff like that, but since I got it "styled" with layers, I've just been wearing it down, or clipped up to be out of the way. So I tried braiding it Sunday and realized that I've also been taking better care of it than I used to, because it's even more slippery than it used to be! "Silky" is how the lady at Great Clips kindly put it after my hair slipped out of her fingers for the third or fourth time. :D Anyway, I should try messing with it some more and see if I can get it to do anything in its current "silky" condition.

Oh, that reminds me, the little baby I take care of has started petting my hair. Sometimes she'll actually grab it and I have to tell her "No, ouch, don't do that, that hurts" and she'll let go, but she likes to just pet my hair when it's hanging over my shoulder. It's so cute! :)

Ah, little kids crack me up. We were at our pastor's house for lunch yesterday and I'd made a chocolate cake to take. Their littlest kid is one and they don't really want their kids to have a bunch of sugar until they're he couldn't have any of the cake. But I was standing next to his high-chair while I was cutting the cake and he started out by going "Mmmm...mmmmm!!!" when he saw the cake and making various other noises indicating he wanted some, then he started head-butting me on the hip to get my attention, and when that didn't work put both hands out and pushed! My laughing was causing me more trouble cutting the cake than his pushing was, because I was just cracking up! It felt like a little goat or something bumping into me wanting food. :D What I really don't get is how he knew that that was the really good stuff and that's what he wanted? I finally got done slicing the cake and walked away, at which point he looked extremely peeved that I had not given him any cake! His mom told him he could have a graham cracker, but he was just not buying it. He knew that graham cracker wasn't going to be anywhere near as good as cake! Oh boy...he's going to be a character when he gets older...

Well, I got a bunch of cleaning done today, I'm working tomorrow, and then I'll have more cleaning to do Wednesday...some things just have to wait till the last minute. But I got quite a lot done, and I'll be able to rest my back tomorrow. I was vacuuming the couches off and all the bending over was starting to get to me. I also found an amazing number of things in one of the chairs! I just kept pulling stuff out...I didn't even think we sat in that chair much, but most of it was Colin's stuff, so I guess he sits there. I found one embroidery needle (mine), three large rubber bands for a rubber band gun (Colin's), two Lego pieces (Colin's), a cotton ball (?), the instructions for some toy of Colin's, and a little electronic calender/PDA thing he used to play with. And a bunch of cat hair...and I think I know who that belongs to. Colin thought he didn't have the PDA thing anymore, so he went around all the rest of the day making the thing beep. Argh...I wish I'd left it in the chair!!!

Oh, I bought a laptop today too. It should be here in about a week. I got a really great deal and it comes with a very nice leather carrying case too. I'm quite happy about it. Okay, really, really happy about it! :D
I'm going to have to start getting this computer cleaned up so there aren't so many things to transfer. I've got a ton of files I need to sort through, and bookmarks to clear out of Firefox, and I should probably clean out a bunch of old emails. I have trouble deleting old emails and I bookmark something almost every day, so both of those things are a mess. It's not really necessary before moving, but I need to do it anyway.


Jos said...

No, don't delete your bookmarks! Just sort them into folders so you can't find them again. :) Then they're not a mess. They're stored in one file anyway, so moving them shouldn't be hard.

Let me guess, this new computer is... a Mac?

photogirl said...

Yeah, Josiah knows about the good stuff! He's always trying to get coffee and other sweets from us...=) It's great that you got a laptop so quickly! We just had a major computer switch at our house...there's a lot involved! =)

Natalie said...

Um, I've already got tons of folders, Jos. LOL I don't think that'll help any! No, I really do have some old bookmarks that I don't need any more so I should get them out of there.
Okay...I didn't know if the number of them had any effect on the moving process or not. My dad will be the one to take care of that, I don't have the computer skills to know how to do that, although I could probably figure it out if I had to. :P

Yes, it's a Mac. :D A black Macbook with the Intel processor, which I think was the one they made right before the current Macbooks. Plus it has a firewire... (port?)...which the new ones apparently don't have for some reason.

Yep, your little brother's pretty funny, Han...I mean, photogirl...oops, blew your cover there. ;)

Yeah, I'm really happy about my computer! I was looking at some auctions Sunday night before bed and I think that's when I found the one I ended up buying. I wasn't expecting to find one that fast!

mandolinartist aka amanda said...

I know what you mean about the schedule. We have so many things to do and people to see that we have to start scheduling now, and our first Christmas celebration will be on December 11...

I am almost finished shopping. A buddy was shocked to hear this, but with the celebrations beginning soon, I have to be finished and have everything wrapped in just a few weeks.

I LOVE IT! I love Christmas, visiting, giving, singing, etc etc. AND OF COURSE, celebrating our Savior!