Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Work, not the Jars of Clay song. But if you want to, you can see the video here.
Hmm...I forgot how strange that video is, and that I don't like to actually see bands performing. And I wonder if that's real water??? I just thought I'd give you an update on how it's going. :)

It's going great, actually! :) I'm happy I've got this sort of job, I only have to work two days a week, and it's really quite enjoyable most of the time. Some days it does get a bit tedious, because it's mostly feed the baby, play with her, put her down for a nap. Rinse and repeat until 5:15. And it's kind of hard to play with a baby her age (6 months) because there's not really a whole lot you can do. Carry on a perky one-sided conversation, hold stuffed animals up for her to look at, make the appropriate animal noises, and put her stuffed, fuzzy, beach ball on her feet so she can "kick" it.

But, she's always so happy to see me in the morning and when I go to get her up from her naps. She gives me a big smile, and she's started putting her arms out asking to be picked up, which is so sweet. :) And it's funny to watch her too...she was just rolling over recently, but now she's already gotten a little fed up with that and really wants to be crawling. So it's fun to watch her push up on her hands and try to crawl...and when I got her up from one nap yesterday she'd unwound herself from her blanket and had rolled to her tummy and was looking quite proud of herself for having escaped her blanket. :p She also manages to get her pacifier out of her mouth and under the crib...and I have no idea how she does it! First time it happened I thought it must have been in the blankets and I shook it out, but that wasn't the case. Man, that's a clever little baby!

Look at this cute little dress G. (the baby) has! It's a Hanna Andersson dress...I had a couple of those when I was little and they're so soft and comfy! And stripy...

This toy, and there's also one that's an elephant, bugs me because the colored beads are in the wrong order (that's a giraffe, btw):

Look at this great tree; G.'s going to have a lot of fun with that when she's older....that tree is perfect for climbing!

So anyway, all in all, work's really going great, and I'm really happy with my job! :) It can be tedious, but I really like babies, and G.'s a wonderfully non-fussy baby most of the time...I know I've got it pretty easy. :p

I have noticed a problem though on the days I'm not working...I've got two fewer free days in my week so I need to really make use of my days off, but I've gotten used to doing everything fairly slowly. When I'm at work, I have tons of time, so it's better to do everything as slowly as possible, because otherwise there's nothing else to do. And that's spilled over into my days off...which has made them much more peaceful, I suppose, but a lot less productive. I get to the end of a day and realize I didn't x, y, or z done and think back over what I did do...and how could that little have taken me all day?! So, I need to work on that. I'm the sort of person who gets much more done with an extremely tight schedule, because I work better under pressure, but when I feel like I have lots of time I put things off. :( And I've gotten into a habit of having lots of time.

But I cleaned my desk this morning, so I did get something done. Look, you can actually see the top of the! :p

Okay, I'm going to go mow the neighbors' yard now. Gotta accomplish a little more today!


mandolinartist aka amanda said...

That is a great tree!

Jessica said...

I agree...wonderful tree. I was a frequent climber of trees when I was younger...I still do it occasionally. I like to see other kids growing up and doing the same thing. :)

That is kind of a weird video. The lead singer...something about his hair, what he's wearing, and the lighting makes him look quite a lot like Professor Snape from the Harry Potter movies. Hmm...

Natalie said...

Yep...I might even be able to climb that tree...not that I would while "on duty". It doesn't do to be possibly falling and injuring yourself when you're the responsible adult in charge. ;)

I'm not a great tree climber, simply from lack of trees when I was younger. I climbed plenty of other things though. :) And while I still have good balance, I think I have a greater fear of falling now.

Yeah, the lead singer looks kind of....evil...or something. Dead maybe! :D