Monday, November 10, 2008

Music for Monday

I heard the originals of both of these songs recently, one in the grocery store and one on the radio...and thought of better performances of them. :)

You're In My Heart ~The Clark Brothers (I really like this one, and it's so much better than Rod Stewart's version)

Daydream ~Jason Castro

And I don't think I want David Cook's new album after all. I found this compilation of thirty-second clips on YouTube, and it sounds like the usual American Idol cheesiness, except they added a little more edge and had him yell/scream all the songs in an emo fashion....and I simply can't stand a whole album of that!

So I just saved ten dollars. :)


Jessica said...

The Clark Brothers....I think I like them! I'll have to check out more of their music. The lead singer sounds like the guy from Jars of Clay.

I like that Daydream song...but personally, I think Jason Castro is just too pretty for me. It's kind of annoying, and the dreadlocks don't help. If he had a recorded version of that, though, I would probably download it.

Natalie said...

Yeah, you should be able to find more stuff on YouTube...they're supposed to have an album out sometime, but there's no release date listed yet on Amazon.

Hey, he does sound like the JOC guy...Dan Haseltine?

Ha-ha, yeah for a guy Jason is very pretty! :D He's so goofy it's kind of hard to watch him singing sometimes. :P