Friday, November 21, 2008

Well, that actually fits me

We got Chinese take-out for supper tonight (mmmm!) and this was my fortune in my fortune cookie...well, okay, the piece of paper in my fortune cookie. They're usually more statements rather than fortunes. :) "Your way of doing what other people do their way is what makes you special".

Special...well, that could be taken a couple different ways, but I certainly often do things differently from the way other people do them. :) Colin's was "A human being is a deciding being" was that one left over from around election time, or what?

It snowed today, and while I was disappointed that it melted so fast, I was thinking later that really this is awfully early for snow! So maybe it'll snow more this winter. I certainly hope so! :) I want to play in the snow! When I was little though, I would have leaped out of bed this morning when Dad said it had it was, I thought "snow, that's neat", sat up and looked out the window, then lay back down, burrowed deeper in the blankets and slept in. :D

Mom was looking on Lands End clearance for some jeans for Grandpa for Christmas, because Grandma said that was one thing he needed...well, she didn't find any, but she was going through the various fits looking for the relaxed fit and one of the cuts they have is "bootcut". "Uh," I asked, "what is bootcut in men's jeans?" So Mom was saying that bootcut used to be narrow at the ankle and supposed to fit inside your boots, so that's probably what these were, not flared like the women's bootcut...but no:

"Original Fit Boot Cut Jeans sit on the hip, run slim through the knee and then widen — subtly — at the leg opening."

Okaaaay....that's just weird.

I almost bought a computer today. There was a MacBook Pro on my eBay watchlist and it was a really good deal, plus we've got a 10% coupon, so I was going to bid on it. Well, I tried except I waited till 20 seconds to snipe it and then it asked me to confirm that we had a Paypal account and I didn't have time to get that done before the auction ended...for $760. Rats!
So now I'm looking at others (I had been looking at just local ones, but the shipping's not much for a laptop so that's not a problem) and I discovered the black MacBooks that have the Intel processor and they aren't going for as much as I would have expected, so one of those might be a possibility. Plus the black looks pretty sleek...I really don't want one of the white ones because they get awfully grubby. The titanium or aluminum would also be better than the white, but most of the MacBook Pros go for a lot. Unfortunately there are LOTS of the black MacBooks on eBay...oh dear, I don't do well with too many choices.


Uncle Jim said...

Your mother's ancient jeans neurons are misfiring... ;)

Boot-cut jeans have always been designed like straight-leg jeans, with enough room in the calf portion to fit over your boots.

(Never inside boots - yeesh! What kind of strange freak would do that? Probably me in my twisted youf.)

Beth said...

They weren't FLARED, though!! So what were the really super straight-legged kind of jeans in the 80s for? I know they made them for men, because I remember getting David some for Christmas one year.