Monday, November 03, 2008

Rhett & Link's BBQ song

I've posted some of Rhett & Link's videos on here recently, but I didn't post the barbecue song. I was reminded of it because after church last night a couple people were singing it... :p I was talking with some other people and suddenly caught what they were talking about and singing. I have a good ear for catching lyrics, which means I also get songs stuck in my head easily, but anyway...enjoy! :p

The BBQ Song

*goes off humming about BBQ...*


mandolinartist aka amanda said...

Who are these 'peps' and where are they from? (The south, obviously...)

I'M HUNGRY, (as your dad said when everyone was talking about this.)

As far as FL, they can't dress a hotdog either! (I do like visiting Florida, on a side note.)

Natalie said...

Rhett and Link (Link's the one on the left, Rhett's on the right) are internet comedians from Lillington, NC.

Ha-ha...I read that last sentence wrong the first time, I thought you basically just said, By the way, I don't like visiting Florida...

Okay, you DO like Florida...even with the weird hotdogs.

MomCat said...

And I thought that you, Natalie, just said that you don't like visiting Florida...and I'm thinking "She was only 2 years old, how could it have been that traumatic?"

Amanda, what I remember about hotdogs in FL (Tampa Dade area) was that they were being sold along the roadsides by young women who were practically nekkid. Of course, that was 17 years ago. Maybe they've outlawed that? Or maybe they're all the way nekkid now?

Naked=not wearing clothes

Nekkid=not wearing clothes and up to no good

Natalie said...

Hmm...we seem to have communication problems between the three of us...

mandolinartist aka amanda said...

Ha.... I don't remember any naked or nekked women, and I would remember it if I saw them. I wouldn't buy their hotdogs anyway; NO SUPPORTING BAD HABITS!

So, my problem with FL hotdogs is that they think the only condiments you need come in plastic packages, and if you ask for any other condiments, you get a whole bowl of it on the side. (I'm just glad someone else was paying for that hotdog; I can only imagine what they charged for all those 'sides!')