Thursday, November 27, 2008

How...eventful... :D

Oof, I'm frozen. My hands finally thawed but my toes feel somewhat less than all cousins and I were just out playing kick-the-can (or bucket) and it's a wee bit chilly outside. But it was fun, and I now have grass stuck to my hat and mud on my jeans because I was lying on the ground...which is a pretty good way of hiding. Until you realize that maybe 19 is really too old to be doing this because you feel stiff and sore. lol!

Rebecca and I stayed up late last night playing chess and they were certainly very interesting games of chess. I think maybe I wasn't quite awake, because I'd suddenly see something that I should or shouldn't have done and that should have been very obvious. We finally decided to go to bed, but then I stayed up probably another hour reading because I'd had that short nap and was not really ready to sleep yet! :)

So today we:

Ate breakfast...spilled milk on the table, discussed the strange milk jugs from Costco, and cereal-eating methods, and threw coffee about. Okay, so my uncle threw me a bag of coffee, it wasn't quite a free-for-all with liquid coffee, but that sounded more exciting. :p

Then my cousins and I went outside and went for a walk before lunch.

Then we ate lunch, lots of lunch, and I lay down on the couch and fell asleep. I think some people were playing chess. Yeah, that's right, they were playing when I woke up. :)

After I was awake and they finished their game, we all walked up to the church playground on the corner and swung on the swings for a while and then I attempted to teach them how to contra dance in the picnic shelter. Unfortunately I have no idea how to dance the guy's part, so it pretty much didn't work too well. I realized that I rely on my partner knowing what he's doing and then I know what I'm doing and that works. What doesn't work is one girl who doesn't know how to dance the guy's part trying to teach another girl who doesn't yet know how to dance the girl's part. Pretty dismal. Not satisfactory at all. And it's totally not my cousins' fault, I'm just disappointed that it wasn't more fun. :( Darn, I wish there was a nearer contra dance tomorrow, Carrboro's a bit far away.

Anyways, after we gave up on that we came back home and ate dessert, and Alex and I played probably the longest game of chess I've ever played, even without counting the half-hour break after Colin knocked a glass off the table and we had to meticulously sweep, vacuum, re-vacuum, and Swiffer the floor. Glass really slides far on a hard surface... So that was...exciting. :P

And it was after that we all, except for Rebecca, went outside. Rebecca shooed us out of the room and you can read her blog post too.

So...I don't know what we have planned to do tonight...other than I'm going to shower and see if I can get my toes to thaw. Converse are not any good at keeping your feet warm...even with two pairs of socks on. I'm just finally actually feeling my feet a little bit more.

Oh, and we're going next door to Grandma's for breakfast at nine tomorrow, so I guess we should be planning on getting up in time.

I think tomorrow we're going to go to a few used book stores! Fun!!! There's one on Stratford Road that I've heard is pretty good, and that there are interesting people working there....which is cool, I like interesting people. :) But I'm not sure if we want to brave going to that end of town (near the mall) with all the shopping crowds tomorrow. But we'll at least try to hit the store on Reynolda and see if it's any good, and maybe go to the other one after all the people are shopped out? Do they get shopped out? Surely all the awesome deals are gone pretty fast and then they can all go home! Or maybe not.

Then I think we're going to go to Starbucks sometime and have coffee. Which sounds really nice and warm right now...mmm... A nice caramel macchiato sounds yummy.

So, fun tomorrow and...leftovers probably. :) And I can't think of anything more to say, other than that we had a great, I'm out.


mandolinartist aka amanda said...

You may be sore at 19, but you have quite a ways to go... YOU ARE STILL YOUNG!

You must be having quite a weekend; you all keep breaking things!


photogirl said...

Oh, come on, Natalie...I know a lady who is at least in her mid-forties, has eight kids, and plays football! =) So, yeah, you are still young...;)