Saturday, November 29, 2008

Woo-hoo! It's tomorrow....I mean today...

...I mean, I had coffee!

Ha-ha, my cousins and I went to Starbucks and my dad kind of suggested I get decaf because I was very, very hyper before we left. So I got decaf and then when I got home started falling apart because I was tired, plus I had caffeine last night, so I was in withdrawal. I was stumbling around the kitchen trying to get stuff cleaned up and accidentally putting the napkins in the fridge, so I asked Rebecca if she could put a small cup of coffee in the microwave for me. :D I drank that and it helped a lot, and now I'm definitely awake, and I'm also drinking down a travel mug of water to counteract all the coffee. :) I don't know if getting caffeinated coffee at Starbucks would have helped anyway...Andrea was sitting there drinking her coffee and saying: "I don't...think...this is...working..." Although when we got home John was spazzing about "did his coffee have caffeine in it? Because he felt very awake! And he didn't think he'd go to sleep for a while. And then about how nice the Starbucks employees are, because the guy was polite and took his order and actually talked to him and told him to have a good day or something. Yeah, they're kinda paid to be polite to the customers... :P

Anyways, this morning we all went next door to Grandma and Grandpa's and ate breakfast. Scrambled eggs, bacon, and pancakes...except I'm really picky about how my eggs are cooked and if they're cooked wrong I can't stand to eat them. So I ate about three bites of egg, two pancakes, and a lot of bacon. Bacon is delicious. After we got done eating we went to the bookstore and I found four books and only paid about $12 for them. I got a very nice Everyman's Library edition hardcover w/dust jacket Bleak House. The Adventures of Robin Hood, hardcover with color illustrations. Fahrenheit 451, paperback. And The Man Who was Thursday, paperback. Everyone else found books too. And the people who work there were very nice, and they were showing us some really neat books they had, and the lady was going on about how she was so happy we were buying her cute little books. Her husband said that she is more like foster mom to the books, and we weren't buying them, we were adopting them! :D (They were joking, they weren't really that crazy... :p) And they were so happy that we were buying classics, while the adults that come in there want James Patterson and stuff. :) So anyway, that was a lot of fun, and I'll definitely be going back.

When we got home the adults were still next door, so we started digging out leftovers for lunch and in the process of getting his food John managed to spread mashed potatoes all over the counter and then asked me if that was a problem. Um....kind of. And Rebecca had an unfortunate freak accident with the root beer, which although it had been sitting quietly by itself decided to explode when she opened it and she went running outside with the root beer fizzing as she went, and there was root beer on the wall even. lol! So we had to mop it all up off of the many surface it was on, and then go over the floor several times with wet rags because it kept feeling sticky, and in the middle of all this Colin came in and demanded that I get him some lunch. At which point I kind of lost it and said something about mashed potatoes and root beer everywhere, and don't step in that puddle, and do I look like I can get you lunch this instant?!!!

I think it was just after we got done cleaning it all up that our parents came back over and wanted to know why the rug was outside. I explained that it was outside because it had root beer on it, and that they had missed all the excitement. (That rug's still out on the patio actually, I forgot to throw it in the wash.) Sheesh, I knew there was a reason I don't like root beer!

After lunch we went up to the church and played around for a while, and on the way back scared off a flock of those stupid Canadian geese that were hanging around down by the pond nearby. That was really fun! They just kind of looked at us at first, like geese do, as if to say "You're not really serious are you?", and then they started hustling a little faster, then they decided we were serious and they all took flight with a big "Whoooosh!" of flapping.

Rebecca and I got supper ready when we got back, Rebecca mixed up the fruit salad and I cooked and put together the pasta and meatballs and popped it in the oven, then went and tried to remember how to play rummy. And found out that the deck of cards I have is not only warped (they got wet because they were in my coat pocket) but there are also cards missing...hmmm...I was not aware of that. I guess I need a pack of cards for Christmas. :p

Oh wow, last night Rebecca and I were a little slap-happy and for some reason we got started talking about how we hog covers, or if we have stuffed animals they end up being flung across the room (actually, I just realized I don't do that, I usually end up squishing the stuffed animals by rolling over on top of them)...anyway, we started cracking up, and wondering what we are going to do when we get married and have to not steal the covers from our poor husbands and/or kick them in the process of rolling over and taking the covers with us. We didn't really come up with any good solution, other than that maybe a king-size bed would fix the problem, or I thought maybe a queen bed but with king-size sheets would work.

I guess there's also the possibility of marrying someone who's as much of a cover-hog as yourself and just always fighting for the covers. :D Because seriously, does anyone just lie down in bed like a log and never move the entire night? I mean, I sleep like a log, but more like a log in an earthquake... So anyway, we got to laughing about that and had trouble calming down. Yeah, the covers would be the problem...Andrea and I managed to share a bed when we were all out in Oregon and we didn't kick each other, but there was lots of pulling the covers back and forth, and it's certainly a strange sensation to be used to pulling the covers over to your side, but then suddenly feel them pulled tight across your neck and dragged back. :)

So...we were a little...tired last night. And that was very funny then... *sees her blog readers raising their eyebrows and looking slightly doubtful of her sanity*

And I'm a little tired now, plus I've finished my mug of water, so I think I'll go...sleep maybe. Maybe. It would probably be the sensible thing to do anyway. Ha.

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