Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Alrighty then!

Okay, so I've had some vague ideas swirling through my head as to what I want to do this summer and next year. And pardon me while I sidetrack, but while I'm mentioning summer, can you believe it's June already? It seems like it was just the first of May...and I was surprised about that! On the other hand, it certainly feels like June...ugh. I don't like heat!

Alright, where was I? Oh yes...

I've had various ideas and stuff going through my head, but I hadn't ever settled on anything exactly, or told myself "this is what I'm going to do" and set any goals to be working towards that.

So my friend J. asked me on Sunday what my plans were for next year. And my usual answer to questions like that is something along the lines of "Well, I'm not planning on going to college, so I'll just be working on stuff around the house, and studying some stuff" (wimpy answer, isn't that? Oof...I can sure be shy and unassertive as much as I can loudly state my opinion...) Because usually people ask me straight out, "So, where are you going to college?" which case I feel like I'm not likely to convince them anyway. I know, I know...I should get a spine! :p I'm not really sure why while I can defend other things I believe, I crumble when someone starts asking me about college. I guess I've just gotten too many terribly negative reactions to that. (Which reminds me, I have a letter from a relative to reply to, please pray for me that I can come up with the right words to say. *sigh*)

Anyway, instead of saying that, J. just asked my what my plans which point I proceeded to tell her! :p

I still have things I'm going to be studying, and after all we never really stop learning, but I'll mostly be reading stuff. I want to really work on my meal-planning, and get that figured out so I can help Mom more, since she's going to be busy with teaching Colin. And I had plans to sell baked goods at the farmers market, but I need to scope that out and see if that's still an option. I need to find out whether people are still willing to pay more for homemade bread, or if that's not likely to sell because of the economy the way it is. And if that does seem like it will work, I need to get plans in place for next summer. Plus I always have loads of craft projects waiting to be worked on! Etc., etc....

And after I told her all that, I was mentally gaping at myself, wondering where on earth that all came from! I didn't realize I had anything definite figured out! :) But, after all, I think I do...and I think that's what God's leading me to do, vs. the other options I've mentioned. All this is certainly part of the training that I need to be a wife, mother, and homemaker.

Anyway, I'm glad I've sort of settled that in my mind, so to speak! I work better with a goal, that's for sure! :) If I don't have a good goal in mind, I tend to dilly-dally and never accomplish much....yay for goals! :p

And speaking of goals, I'd better get to bed because tomorrow's my night to cook supper, plus I have other things planned to do tomorrow...I shall be busy! And maybe I'll get around to blogging a bit about what I did today (and yesterday), along with whatever I get done tomorrow!

Please excuse all the sidetracks and exclamation points...that's called "I feel hyper because I have a weight off my mind and a clear track ahead of me!" lol! Well, not clear, there are still parts that are foggy, but I just have to trust that whatever the Lord has planned for me is awesome! :)

Okay, sorry, I'll shut up and go to bed now...


Rebecca said...

Can I just say that people are extremely annoying? Unless you do exactly what "everyone else" is doing you get whined and griped at. But I'm also starting to form some idea (or a goal!) of what I'm doing, and not only does that make it easier to focus and get things done, but if you know that whatever it is is part of God's will for your life, it really doesn't matter if other people don't get it.

If that makes any sense :)

Alice said...

I have been refining my answer to the "Are you a student or what?" question lately. :) I find that the answer I give now gets a much better response than the one I used to give...which wasn't much of anything. Or else maybe people are just being friendlier lately, or I seem more confident...who knows? Now I say, "Well, what I really want to do someday is be a wife and mother. Obviously, that requires a lot of sacrifice on a daily basis, so right now, I want to do anything to help me prepare for that." That usually goes over pretty well. People are funny. I think some people are very intent on sharing their life experiences, which is okay, but they have to be taken with a grain of salt. I had one elderly lady once give me a huge speech on the value of education in view of the possibility that I could get divorced someday and need a job. I was confused by her story, but it had something to do with her crossing the Alps as a child. Hmm...I think I need to go to bed.

Ana said...

I didn't know that you were planning on staying home to prepare for being a wife, mom and homemaker. That's wonderful!! You probably already knew that I'm planning the same thing. People don't ask me where I'm going to college any more. Most of the time it's "Are you going to school?" To which I simply reply, "No, I'm not." I don't press the issue, but if they ask why, then I tell them. But other wise, I just let them wonder. :) Maybe I'm evil like that, but explaining the whole thing to every single person would get really long. And besides, I wrote a post about not going to college once, so it's out there. They can read it. :)