Thursday, June 26, 2008

Thursday stuff

Okay...I've probably had too much sugar and caffeine...but I'm going to blog anyway!
  • This morning, my cousins and I all went to Goodwill. Even John went with us, and was very helpful by pushing the cart around, and occasionally voicing his opinion of clothes we were looking at. Andrea and I found some stuff, and I found some t-shirts for Colin. Tomorrow the girls and I are going to go to the fabric store, but we won't persecute John by making him come too. :) He was asking us this morning how long it would take, because depending on that he might go... "HOURS!!!" my dad said....John decided he'd better not go with us. ;)
  • Because we had some leftover coffee, and I felt like trying this, I just drank some iced was really pretty good, which I wasn't expecting.

  • My legs are apparently longer than I realize...I was just saying this morning that I'm tall, but my legs are short because I move the seat up really far in the car. But then this evening we were playing Apples to Apples, and I kept accidentally kicking Andrea and John. Then I was trying to say that I have a hard time moving my feet under the table without kicking someone, except it came out "I can't keep from kicking people!!" which sounds like I go around all the time kicking people! :p (I don't, btw.) ;)
  • And now for something completely different...there was lots of Monty Python quoting going on during the game. Oh wait, that's not different. We decided there should be a Monty Python set of Apples to Apples cards...except it would just lead to lots of dialogue and people not playing because they were too busy quoting. I was having trouble playing, because I kept singing various things that I thought of because of the cards. (And have I ever mentioned that I find the use of the word "dialoguing" annoying? Well I do.)
  • We made smores smores...over the side burner on the grill. :p Me trying to light the burner...the lighter wasn't working very well:

Rebecca and her burnt marshmallow:

Rebecca and her smore (smores?...what's the singular of smores?):

  • BTW, Rebecca and I ended up matching today, we both had greenish/khaki shorts and black t-shirts on...and we didn't plan that at all!
  • We did manage to squish the air beds into my bedroom...and I mean squish! And then we had to flip them over because the plastic was very noisy right against the floor. So we had to flip them so that the fuzzy part was touching the floor.

Andrea...she actually decided not to sleep with her head under the desk and run the risk of hitting her head:

  • Grandma cooked supper tonight, and part of it was a salad which she had added parsley and basil leaves to...a regular lettuce salad. Uncle Jim was eating his salad and stopped all the sudden and asked WHAT she had put in the salad.
"Oh, I put some basil and some parsley in there...whatever green stuff I have growing on my patio I add to the salad."
"Don't you have mold growing on your patio?" asks Uncle Jim.

Anyway...there was lots of other randomly hilarious conversation during the Apples to Apples game, and during dinner, but you kind of had to be there to get it! :p

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Ana said...

Wow, I think you DID have too much caffeine and sugar ... kidding, kidding. You sound like you've been having fun! Wahoo!