Friday, June 27, 2008

Of fabric and groceries and...I don't know what

So we got up this morning and after breakfast...well, after breakfast, and getting ready to go, and printing coupons, and looking for coupons, and Mom looking through grocery store ads, the girls and I left for the fabric store and grocery store.

I found some fabric at Hancock Fabrics for an apron...I have some fabric already that I was going to use for one side of a reversible apron, but I found some really awesome fabric for $1.99 a yard, so I ended up getting that, and now I need to get something else for the other side of it:

Then we went to Lowes to get the stuff Mom wanted us to get, but we couldn't find the guacamole and we didn't get chips, so we ended up going to Harris Teeter too.

Then we came home and had lunch. (People were driving really slow today, too...)

After lunch we sat around for a while trying to decide what to do, and finally ended up watching some Jeeves and Wooster. After which it was time for supper...okay, we must have sat around for a while before we decided to watch anything!

We were going to go to Starbucks tonight, but we were too full after supper, so we played a few games of Dutch Blitz and then got everyone but Mom to play Apples to Apples.

Andrea and John:

Dad and Rebecca:

John looks tired:

And then after two mildly hilarious games of Apples to Apples, we all (that is, my cousins and I) went outside and "danced" in the driveway, and considering we had no idea what we were doing, it went fairly well and was fun...or maybe it was fun because we didn't know what to do. And John actually kept from crashing into or stepping on us...amazingly! :p After our weird, Jane Austenish contra hoedown as Rebecca called it, we walked up the street and back, trying to not wake the neighbors up. No, we weren't really making that much noise. :p

Oh yeah, Rebecca's been blogging about what we've been doing be sure to check out her view of the visit!

Now I think I'm going to go get some chocolate...because we need more sugar...and Rebecca is reading over my shoulder going "Oooooooooo...." because she loves the chocolate I'm talking about! :p As do I...

And my computer is driving me crazy because it keeps putting little boxes around the icons on the desktop, or various things in the browser window. I'll have to have Dad take a look at it later this weekend.


Notlob said...

Such hooliganism!

Will said...

Apples to Apples is a hilarious game especially if you are playing with family or people you know really well. Where else can a tommy gun be accurately described as beautiful?! :D
Tell Uncle Jim "hey" from a deliberate yet reckless individual and you might want to try pushing CMD+F5 to clear up your weird little box issue.

Natalie said...

That's not a palindrome, notlob!!! :D The palindrome of notlob would, anyway. And I'm still not sure how the word hooligan and it's various forms keeps coming up this weekend!

Yep Will, the Apples to Apples games are generally pretty funny...a good ironic card usually goes over well in our family! :D

Well, I don't have a CMD key, because this is a Mac and I'm not sure what the equivalent would be, but I tried some various combinations and somehow tab+shift+F5 fixed it...thanks for pointing me in the right direction anyway. :)

I'll tell Uncle Jim you said hey...

Ana said...

Woah! It sounds like you guys are running on not. enough. sleep. Or too. much. caffeine. and sugar or something. But hey, it makes for great, hilarious posts, so keep it up! :)

Natalie said...

*ahem* Apparently I made a majorly stupid mistake regarding whether my computer had a command key. Because only Macs have command keys, and it's the Apple key...and my dad and uncle were rather appalled that I didn't know that. *sigh* And I did try the Apple key and it didn't work.

I don't claim to know a LOT about computers!

Ana said...

Oh, P.S. ~ I'm totally loving the fabric!!

Natalie said...

Thanks Ana! I love it too! :)

Yeah, we were a little low on trying to write fast, which added to the sense of jittery-ness! lol!