Thursday, June 19, 2008

Last Friday

Last Friday, mandolinartist of the comments, a.k.a. Amanda took pictures of me (as sort of graduation photos...more on that later). It was really fun, it was a bit hot out, but not too bad, and we just turned the AC way up when we were in the car. I had taken Dad to work that day, so I met her down at Old Salem, and after we were done there, we went to a couple other places as well.

It was a bit...exciting. ;) There were some flowers right by an exit off of the highway, and instead of going off the exit and then walking back down there, we parked (on the opposite side of the highway because we were going that direction) and ran across the two two-lane sides of the highway. Those guard rails in the middle are higher than they look, and 65 mph traffic seems faster when you're standing still, I'm just saying. After we got back to the car, I realized I'd left my sunglasses in the grass where we were taking pictures...shoot. So I had to go get them...
My Dad was a bit horrified when he heard about this... "That's illegal!" Uh...hmm...well, we were in Stokes county where mandolinartist's husband works as a sheriff's maybe...oh never mind.

Then there was the little junky cafe with tons of decorative junk around it. It was closed right now, but it was a little creepy to walk up to it and hear music playing...the outside sound system was still turned on! Um...okay! I guess maybe it was to scare people off! Note: we did ask the people at the business next door whether it would be a problem for us to take pictures at the cafe, and they said it would be fine.

We also went to an old train track and town hall and stuff, and then we finished up at a coffee shop up in King, NC. And we took some pictures there too...great fun!

I'll post some of the pictures on here when I get them, mandolinartist is out of town on vacation this week and next, but she said she'd try to get them to me after the 29th.

Okay, about graduation...I decided I didn't really want a graduation party after, no party! I guess it seems like graduation's all about getting done with highschool and moving on with your life, but I really feel like I've done that already, so it would feel kind of childish to be like "Woo-hoo! I'm done with school! Now I'm grown up!" because I'm kind of past that already. That probably didn't make any sense...but anyway... In more simple terms it would seem like a regression, rather than progression...and that just sounded weird. Just forget it.

In other news, my cousins are coming next week!!! Either Tues.-Sat. or Wed.-Sat....that's what I heard from my grandma anyway. So, cousins!! And Uncle Jim...*sigh* ;) No, actually Uncle Jim is who makes family gatherings so fun, or crazy, or stressful; any of those depending on who you are. Grandma, as usual, is feeling stressed...but that's nothing new. Hmm, that sounded a bit harsh...that's not how I meant it, I just meant that she always frets...she likes fretting. She's one of those people who gets through things by worrying about them. :)

I think maybe it's supposed to be a little bit cooler next week, so hopefully my cousins and I will be able to go outside some without melting! Other than that, I'm not sure what we'll do...lots of games of Apples to Apples and Dutch Blitz I'm guessing...and crazy pictures (and maybe videos) to post on the blog! And probably a trip to Starbucks. Maybe some "singing" if Rebecca brings her guitar (hint, hint).

Anyway, I'm really looking forward to that...AND I have a ton of stuff to get done before next week!! Which I'd better get started on...bye!


rebecca said...

I haven't gotten my guitar out in so long...maybe I'll work on that today! Any songs you particularly feel like "singing"? :D

How hot is it right now? We should play baseball sometime...

Natalie said...

Hmm...I'll have to think about it. :)

I think it's supposed to be high 80s, low 90s next week...not too bad. I forgot about baseball!!! Yeah, we need to play baseball!

Beth said...

You can have a "Jeeves and Wooster" movie marathon. You can keep Colin and John from tracking blacktop sealer into the houses. You can sew grocery bags. If it is hot enough you can always run through the sprinkler like little kids. :)

You can stay up really late and be really silent except for making slapping sounds with your cards, and crinkling sounds with your granola bar wrappers. :)

Natalie said...

You can stay up really late and be really silent except for making slapping sounds with your cards, and crinkling sounds with your granola bar wrappers. :)

That would be the Dutch Blitz games! :D Ha-ha, I'd forgotten about that!

Ooo, yeah, sprinkler! And Jeeves and Wooster movies! (Not at the same time of course!)

Hmm...if any of my cousins have computer speakers they could bring, we could even watch on my computer.

Rebecca said...

You can stay up really late and be really silent except for making slapping sounds with your cards, and crinkling sounds with your granola bar wrappers. :)

We can?? :D

For some reason it never occurred to me that the wrappers would make any noise, but it seemed like the crunchy granola bars were deafeningly loud!

Beth said...

We can?? :D

You will! At least until you get a text message suggesting otherwise. :)

mandolinartist aka amanda said...

I had a great time with the photos. I cannot wait to get them to you.

(I did apologize about the highway crossing... I did not think about it. I cross a 'smaller' highway every day to check my mail... Oh well...)

The old restaurant was interesting...

Well, we will be in town on Monday and Tuesday the 23rd & 24th, so if it works out, I would LOVE to meet these interesting cousins who I feel like I know after all the Internet talking...

Natalie said...

Well, that isn't quite the same sort of highway! :D

Unfortunately, they aren't coming till Wednesday, so I guess you won't get to meet them...bother. :(