Tuesday, June 03, 2008


I had an orthodontist appointment this morning, so I took Dad to work, went to the dentist, and then went and got strawberries.

Seen on the highway this morning:
  • A big white bulldog sitting in the passenger seat of a car. He looked very happy...I'm not sure where he and his owner were going, not to work I assume?
  • A guy tying his tie while driving...note to self: stay away from the burgundy jeep. Surely it would be more efficient to tie it in the parking lot when he got to work?
  • A Xerox van...which looked like it had been taken off-roading. There was mud splashed all over the back of it.

On the radio: The Promise ~When In Rome ...and other songs of course.

  • Retainers tightened...ouch.
  • Four baskets of strawberries
  • One small vole buried in the woods...I'm getting really tired of taking all the little vole carcasses out to the woods. The neighborhood cat, Lucy, keeps leaving them on our porch and patio...cause she's so generous like that. They must taste bad, or she'd just eat them. *sigh* I'm just glad she's not bringing anything bigger....and that Gracie doesn't leave her lizards lying around.
Speaking of wildlife, we saw a deer right at the edge of our woods yesterday evening!! I've seen deer tracks back in the woods before, but never seen the deer and certainly not that close. Now we know what ate Mom's hydrangea...


Jessica said...

I love "When In Rome"! which station are you listening to?

Natalie said...

I don't think I've heard any of their other stuff...or didn't know it if I have.

Oh boy, I scan a lot...it was either 99.5 WMAG or 98.7 Simon...and I don't know if you get either of those in the Raleigh area. Both of those stations play a wide variety!

mandolinartist said...

So, I had a driving experience today also... This morning, I was entering the traffic circle near Old Salem when a runner/jogger came near my car and yield sign. The crosswalk runs through the intersection before the yield sign. I stop before the crosswalk and motion the runner to go on... He starts yelling, "I stopped, I stopped." I don't know what he thought I was doing; I was just trying to be nice and make sure I allowed pedestrians to go ahead... Oh well... (He could have thought I was a weirdo, I guess, because I was dressed for 'tacky day.')

Will said...

We can get Simon in Raleigh, if I am not listening to a cd or my ipod I listen to them. And "When in Rome" rocks, though I think that about most 80s songs :p

Natalie said...

Oh that's funny, mandolinartist! The jogger must have thought you were waving at him to stop and not run in front of you, or something. Weird... Maybe he's had problems with the traffic circle before! :p

I thought "tacky day" was Monday? So what did you do?

Eighties music is cool isn't it, Will? In a sort of weird, 80s way of course... :D I think one of my cousins and I agreed that that was the whole reason 80s music is awesome...it's kind of different! :p

We used to have a radio station that played oldies along with a bunch of eighties, but it switched to mostly 70s and older. :(

Ana said...

Your post cracked me up. :) Silly Natalie. :)

mandolinartist said...

So, Monday was Wild and Wacky Hair Day... I pulled my hair up in about 8 pony tails. Tuesday was Tacky Day. I wore blue capri pants with one leg up and one leg down, an orange shirt with a black raven, and an over shirt with flowers and leaves. I wore too many necklaces and bracelets that did not match and two different shoes. I pulled my hair up in 3 pony tails. Today, Wednesday, was Black and Orange Day. I wore black pants, a striped orange shirts with a black tank top over it. I wore a black necklace and a tiger necklace. I wore a fuzzy orange hat with a tiger visor hat over it. I wore black sandal/flipflops with striped black and orange socks. Tomorrow is crazy hat day; I plan to wear a tall pink hat with yellow-orange polka dots and a matching oversized tie with my regular clothes. (I did find a shirt that just about matches the color of the polka dots... I do need to look halfway normal and be able to remove the strange things since I plan to attend the Pre-K celebration in the morning...)

Natalie said...

Wow...it's been an exciting week for you, Mandolinartist! :D I was trying to picture all of that and got lost somewhere along the line! :P

Ahhh...I'm glad I amuse you, Ana...I guess... :p