Saturday, June 28, 2008


Ahh, I had a nice nap! :) I think I've recovered now from staying up late...although we actually were asleep by 12:45ish last night, so we weren't really up all that late.

The girls and I took some books up to the library this morning, and went to some garage sales. Rebecca almost bought a sewing machine like this one:

Uncle Jim took us back to the garage sale after lunch so we could test it. It turned out that it didn't work very well at all, and it sounded like the people were sticking to a $40 price, so she didn't get it. It was $45, and when we went back the guy said everything was reduced because it was the sewing machine was $40 now. Woo-hoo! :p

Then we came home and played some Dutch Blitz before they left around 2:30. Here's some pictures from this afternoon.

I seem to be very good at blinking right when someone's taking a picture and ending up with my eyes closed...pretty good that Andrea did too:

John and his camera:

I couldn't get over how much different my cousin John he went from looking 11ish to looking 13 almost 14 (which he is). He's taller, thinner, older-looking, and his hair is redder!

John and Rebecca with Colin getting very hyper (oh wait, he was pretty hyper all weekend):

Uncle Jim!!!:

I got a text message from Uncle Jim about 3:50 saying they were stuck in a virtual parking lot in Virginia...lovely. I'm not sure why there would be so much traffic, but I hope they were able to get out of it fairly quickly. we just have to put the house all back together tomorrow! :)


rebecca said...

Er, Natalie...what is going on with these photos? :P

Maybe I am just feeling eno right now...

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