Saturday, June 28, 2008

Last night

Pictures from last night...the chocolate we were eating is 70% dark chocolate, so it doesn't really have much sugar in it, but it's pretty intense. We were cracking up, but we got tired pretty fast. :)

Awesome dark chocolate from Aldi...and it even has my last name on it!:

Funny face...I have chocolate on my hands!:

Problem solved:

"This piece of chocolate is the same size as your head":

My shirt...exactly what I did this afternoon:

I think the chocolate was getting to Andrea:

Andrea laughing:

Wow, flash is brutal...makes me even paler!:

There's only two left!:

Actually, there were five in the box and only one of those last two got eaten...I won't say who ate them, but I didn't have tea this morning, and yet I don't have a caffeine withdrawal headache... *cough, cough*

Rebecca trying to look emo eno:

Long story there, but basically we thought Grandma said someone was "emo" and we were wondering how she'd even heard of people being emo, unless it was something she watched on "Dateline", but it turned out she said "eno" because she misunderstood what we were talking about...anyway...


Rebecca said...

Ahhhh! You posted those nasty photos of me!!

I mean, who is that fool at your house?

Natalie said...

Like I always look like I do in those pictures?! I don't exactly look sane either... :D