Saturday, December 13, 2008

Don't mind me...breakdown makes me hyper feet hurt. But other than that I'm extremely hyper.

We had our church dinner tonight at Fair Oaks, and it went really well. :) Quite a few Fair Oaks-ians came and we got started only...oh, a half hour late. We had plenty of food, way too much dessert, and didn't run out of coffee or cups.

(Hmm...apparently Colin is hyper too...I just heard him say to Dad, "I'm tired! Aren't you?!!" in a super-perky voice.)

I certainly started out the evening wonderfully by teasing my friend that she was taking all the ham...and then saying, "Oh, go ahead, hog the ham!" Then I groaned as I realized my unintentional pun and she giggled helplessly. "Hello, my name is Natalie and I've been way too busy today."

I made a pound cake and creamed corn for tonight. Both of them have tons of butter and cream cheese in they tasted awesome, if I do say so myself. lol No, really, not trying to be vain, I'm just saying anything with cream cheese and butter has got to be yummy. I don't really like creamed corn that well, but my mom said this was one kind that actually tastes good, so I looked up the recipe online and made it....and it was delish! I think it's going to be my thing to bring to church dinners now, because everyone ate it all up and loved it. Even one of the elderly people from Fair Oaks was telling my dad it was really good, so if a southerner thought it was good then I guess I did something right. :D

Mom made hash brown casserole and green bean casserole (my favorite vegetable ever!!!). And there was sweet potato casserole and all sorts of good food. Oh, Mom fixed the ham too...Costco ham, very good deal, very good ham.

Then when it was all over we cleaned everything up super well...I think we probably left the place cleaner than we found it...which is not a bad thing. :) That's part of why I'm hyper...clearing tables and breaking down tables, and getting stuff rounded up and put away, and all that makes me energetic. Yes, I'm weird. Hmm...I'd probably make a good roadie. Although I certainly wasn't the only hyper person there...two of the guys were getting a table folded up, and since they'd just flipped it over and I was right there, I kicked the table legs shut (the best way to do it) and Amanda's husband was like, "You go girl!" and something else equally random and hyper. :D Too much caffeine?? Wait, I only had water and I'm hyper. Seriously though, that's the best way to break down a folding kicking someone in the back of the knees...not that I've ever done that. :P

Anyway... :D A good time was had by all, and the place is nice and clean now, and one of the guys from our church managed to get two bags of leftover ham and a plate of cookies to take home. Both of these things had been sitting out for quite awhile, but he didn't want us to throw them away I guess. I'm not sure what his wife's going to think about it. :P We managed to dispose of most of the food in one way or another...the unopened sodas went home with the family that's having the church fellowship next week, and I was getting ready to get rid of three opened bottles of soda when one of the ladies asked if she could help.

"Well," I started, "I was just going to get rid of I don't think there's anything..." and that's as far as I got before she quickly divested me of the two diet sodas. "Oh, those have been opened," I said. "Yes!! I love flat diet coke!" she replied, "Do you understand?!" And I stood there with my remaining bottle of soda and shook my head saying that no, I didn't understand, but if she wanted them, that was great, they weren't wasted. :D

And I also want a new camera now after seeing Amanda's new camera. :) Ooo....nice camera.... :P


photogirl said...

I agree...Amanda's camera is nice, and I'd like to get a nicer one than my mom's "point and shoot..." =)

yeah, you seem pretty hyper...but I understand how cleaning everything up and moving tables can make you does the same thing to me! =)

rebecca said... should have seen us last night :P