Monday, December 22, 2008

Not too bad for a Monday

I am already tired of blowing my nose! Or rather, my nose is tired of it. But I think that's a good sign...means my body's fighting off the virus and all, right? *thinks about what she remembers re: white blood cells and colds, etc.*

My mom's friend came over here this morning because she had some pants she wanted me to hem for her and a couple other mending projects. I tried very, very hard not to sneeze or cough on the poor lady! "Yeah sure, I can hem your pants, you'll just get a cold in the process..." :P

I was debating for a while whether I should call her back this morning and tell her she'd better come another day, because I was really feeling awful for a while this morning. I slept fairly well last night, apart from waking up every hour or so to blow my nose and try to pull my covers back over me. I must have been thrashing like crazy when I was asleep, because the covers were terribly tangled and I was all sore and achy this morning. The aching might have been part of being sick though, because even sleeping a strange position couldn't have left me sore all the way from my shoulders to my toes. But I felt better after eating some breakfast and taking a Tylenol. Now I'm just coughing and lying in bed with my box of kleenex.

Colin was going around this morning tidying things and wiping down doorknobs and stuff with disinfectant wipes... Yep, I'm down, so he suddenly turns efficient. :P Dad also pointed out that Colin probably doesn't want to be sick for Christmas.

Oh, as a side note to my cousins, I got your package in the mail today. Thanks! :)

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rebecca said...

That was really fast!