Thursday, December 04, 2008


My new laptop came on Tuesday! :) It's in very good condition, works perfectly, and it's a whole lot faster than my old computer. My old one is a G4, and I thought it was fairly fast, but compared to this it's not. :p Firefox starts up fast, YouTube videos look better, and I can actually see the videos on Facebook.

So far Dad's gotten my email and Firefox set up, but he hasn't transferred my other files yet. But that's all I really need at the moment, all my email and my bookmarks. I took it to work with me on Wednesday and after lots of trial and error got it connected to the cable modem. First I did all the stuff I thought was supposed to work, and when that didn't work I was luckily able to find an unprotected wireless network in the neighborhood so I could do some Google searching and find out what to do. I finally found on the Apple support page that I needed to reboot the modem after I plugged the ethernet cable into the laptop, so that the other computer didn't already take the DHCP lease. Next week when I'm working I need to see if it will work to just restart the computer after I plug it in, but I'm thinking that won't do it.

So I got it connected, and it was so nice to be able to use a computer that wasn't freezing up every 5-10 minutes and running slow. The lady I work for has a IBM Thinkpad (or stinkpad, as my Dad started calling them about the time the school began issuing them as the student laptops). Anyway, she got it when she was in med school and it's now probably got a virus, or too new of programs for it, or it needs to be completely cleared and have Windows reinstalled, or something.

I know I didn't have to use a computer at work, so I didn't have to deal with that one and all it's problems, but it's more like if I'm using a computer I expect it to work, whether I need to use it or not! So it will be nice to be able to use a computer at work without continual restarting and no more annoying ctr-alt-del! Hurrah! lol

(Although, I guess since some of Dad's job is fixing computers I should be happy that computers don't always work... :P )

The apple glows when the computer is on and open:

It came with a very nice laptop bag too! (It does say Dell on it, but oh well.)

At prayer meeting last night I was telling my friend Jess that I'd gotten a new computer and she asked what kind it was. When I told her, she raised her eyebrows and said something like "Ohh my..." And then told me how her brother has a Mac and as she put it, has an almost cult-ish obsession that Macs are the best, and how she's had to hear his lectures about Macs. At which I grinned and told her that, yes, Macs really are awesome and work a lot better than PCs, but I wouldn't be giving her a big lecture about it. ;)

The keyboard and track pad are taking a little getting used to, but I think I'm finally getting the hang of them. The only problem now is that I keep hitting the caps lock key instead of the "a" because my finger is going over too far. Plus I'd gotten used to the scroll wheel on my mouse, and the "home", "page up/down", and "end" keys on my keyboard. I actually have those keys on here, but I have to press the "fn" (function?) key to get them to do that, because they're on what are normally the arrow keys.

Oh, and the finish on this isn't smooth hard plastic, it's that kind of slightly matte/fuzzy finish...which is what it looked like in the pictures, but Dad thought it would be smooth plastic. So I really like that! It's not really fuzzy...I'm not sure how to describe it. If you've ever seen anything with a finish like this, you should be able to tell from the picture what I mean.

This is also wonderfully quiet! I knew my other computer made a lot of noise (even more so because it has to be open), but my Macbook is silent. It's great to not have the whirring noise in your ears! :)

So, all in all, I'm very pleased! :) (Which I expected.) Now I'm just going to buy another power adapter so that I can keep one plugged in at home and keep one in the laptop bag. That's one thing I'm a little disappointed in...the power adapter seems badly designed, although it does have the magnetic connection so that your computer doesn't get hurt.


rebecca said...

At which I grinned and told her that, yes, Macs really are awesome and work a lot better than PCs

In what way? I am wondering as someone who has used both, and has no real preference except that every Mac I have used is either very slow or poorly set up, and it seems like people are just used to whatever they've been using and like to loudly denounce everything else. I just don't see what the big fuss is about.

But I seem to be the only one...

Natalie said...

Well, most Macs aren't I'm not sure what's wrong with the ones you've used, unless they're just older than the PCs you've had.

Um, Macs don't get viruses anywhere near as easily, and for the most part they're easier to figure out how to use. I have used PCs that worked fine and I still wasn't impressed with them.

Uncle Jim said...

Please tell your employer that she needs a router! The reason her laptop runs so slowly and is beset by virus attacks is that she's connecting to the internet via a dumb bridge (which is what a cable modem is) with absolutely no protection against the outside world.

A software-based firewall simply doesn't (and won't ever) cut it...

She could buy an inexpensive wireless router for less than $60; I'd recommend the WRT54GL from Linksys. (WPA2 security is a minimum.)

You shouldn't really be connecting direct to the 'net either; there are Mac bugs out there, and older Macs are susceptible to direct attacks. (When you're connecting from home, your Mac is behind a router which, even though it's positively ancient, is a whole lot better than nothing!)

Natalie said...

Well, that's what Dad said too, but they don't really use the computer that much I don't think, so they just hook it up the easiest way.

Dad didn't think there would be any problem with me connecting to it...although I'll treat it like an unprotected wireless connection and not buy anything, or do other important stuff over the connection.

I didn't realize our router was so ancient. :P

Uncle Jim said...

Some relevant reading:

Btw, it usually takes fifteen seconds or less for an unprotected/unshielded computer to be attacked when connected directly to the net.

Leah said...

How cool is that!! I just got a new laptop. My very first one!! It's a red Gateway. It came yesterday and I just absolutely love it!!!! :)

Abigail said...

Awesome! My sister has one and loves it.

Macbook said...