Sunday, December 21, 2008

Hazards of the job the comments on my last post Jessica said it sounded like I was full of Christmas cheer. Well, I am I suppose, but when I was writing that (Thursday) I was having a tough day at work because the baby had a cold and needed extra attention because of that, so I wasn't feeling particularly festive. :D Then I also babysat for about three hours on Friday.

Now guess what I have? Yep...a cold. I was fine almost all day yesterday except for my throat being a little tickly. Then about the time we were leaving for the holiday concert I was feeling tired, like sick-tired, not just worn-out tired. And by the time I went to bed last night I was ready to crash for a good night's sleep. Which I didn't get. So I wasn't in any shape to go to church this morning, and I missed the Christmas service. And the potluck. :(

On the other hand I'm starting to feel a little bit better. Mom told me this morning that as soon as she could get to the store to get carrots and celery she could make me chicken soup. I pointed out that I'd probably be well by then, but thanks anyway. :) But I've been drinking tea, which might be why I'm feeling so...alert. :P It's been watered-down tea, but it's still caffeinated.

Anyway, I read and slept and messed around on the computer this morning until I felt well enough to get up. Then in a burst of energy I started laundry and Swiffered the floor because it was driving me crazy and I hadn't gotten to it yesterday. After I got that done I felt well enough to doctor a can of chicken soup...I cooked some garlic in olive oil, dumped in the soup, added a chicken bouillon cube, red pepper flakes, and a ton of dried parsley flakes. Yum!

So I'm feeling a lot better, except my throat is still sore and I'm coughing. I should be well enough in time for work on Tuesday, and if I have energy for anything else, my friend asked me to come over for a sleepover that night. I'm thinking I should be fine by then, apart from coughing. I have a feeling this is going to be one of my colds that turns into a cough, so while I may be feeling better, I might not be too quiet this week! :)

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photogirl said...

We missed you today, Natalie! The service was a blessing. =)