Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Toothpaste overload?

Okay, I know I'm weird, but I'm not sure what level of weirdness is indicated by having a favorite kind of toothpaste. Maybe that's more like, um, being picky. :P

On the other hand, why would they have 33 different varieties of toothpaste if there weren't people who didn't like one kind or the other? I mean, surely there's a somewhat reasonable explanation for why we need that many choices? And that's only in one brand.

So while it is daunting to go to the store and be confronted by a huge display of toothpastes, I would argue that there is reason for at least a few choices. And presumably other people have even more requirements from their toothpaste, so they need even more varieties to choose from.

All that to say that I realized I have a favorite toothpaste. Colgate Sparkling White Mint Zing to be exact. It meets the requirements for my toothpaste: paste, not gel...gel leaves a nasty slippery feeling in your mouth, baking soda for extra grit, and mint, but not a sweet mint...a good sharp mint flavor.

Okay, so how weird is that? :P Although I figure it's something I'm putting in my mouth, and if I have a right to be picky about anything, it's what goes in my mouth!


Abigail said...

My mom always gets Tom's toothpaste which is natural. Other people who use it think it's gross because it's not sugary...I guess we're just used to it. :)

The Pink Potpourri said...

ooh i'll have to try that kind! some things in life you just have to be picky and use what's best for YOU!

Jessica said...

I prefer natural toothpaste...we used to get it, but I don't know what happened. So if we are talking non-natural toothpaste, I like Crest Extra Whitening with Tartar Protection in Clean Mint. It is kind of paste-gel-ish, and for some reason I like it.

I used to try and eat the Tom's kid toothpaste when I was little because it tasted so good. Maybe that is why we stopped...?

photogirl said...

Ummm...yeah, toothpaste...interesting, Natalie, very interesting...;)
I must say that you are very creative when it comes to picking subjects for blog posts...ha ha, Natalie, you keep us laughing! JK. =)

Well, I do agree with you...some kinds of toothpaste aren't that great...yeah, I guess there have to be some things in life that people are picky about. Actually, I'm known for being super picky about my food - my spaghetti sauce can't touch my broccoli...=)

rebecca said...

What's up with the "links to this post" thing?

Natalie said...

The blogrolls that show the latest post have started showing as link-backs...I'm not sure why. It's doing that on all Blogger blogs I think.