Thursday, December 11, 2008

How about...something that makes sense?

Okay, I think this post should make more sense than my last one. Sorry about that...that was one of those moments when I felt like blogging but probably should have waited. :p I've been a little bit tired all week and couldn't really think straight. Tuesday I was working, and Wednesday I was in (as I described to my cousin) a "harrummph" sort of mood...which has a facial expression that goes with it and makes it clearer. Basically I was feeling sorry for myself because of several things, and feeling like nothing was going right, etc. I'm pretty much better now. :)

Anyway...the weather around here has been really weird! It's been warm and raining. I don't mind not being frozen, but this is just strange.

I'm off work for a week now, because I'm off next Tuesday, so I need to make sure I accomplish something this week. I am going to be busy this weekend, because our church dinner for the Fair Oaks people is this Saturday night. I also have just a few more things to buy for Christmas gifts, and I should probably get those this weekend. I keep thinking I've finished my Christmas shopping and then remembering that I haven't gotten something for somebody, or I got something that won't work and need to get a different item. :P

I'm really enjoying my Christmas shopping this year, since I have plenty of money to get some nice things for people...not that there's anything wrong with a budget (and I'm trying to get good deals still...but that's just how I shop most of the time). But it's just nice to not have to worry about a budget so much. :)

I worked today and one of the things I did to amuse the baby was to play some contra dance music I have on my laptop and dance with her (well, holding her) around the living room (which has nice wood floors!) and she loved it! Her mom has said they dance with her some, and she really enjoys it...I've never seen that little baby laugh so much! :D So I got my exercise for the day...and she got about as much as usual. lol We usually go for a walk, in which case, she's just sitting in the stroller, but we weren't able to go for a walk because it never stopped raining today.

There are only 13 days till Christmas! Where...what...? WHERE HAS THIS YEAR GONE??!!!! And out of that I have about 7 completely free days. You know what I want for Christmas? Perhaps a slightly slower year next year! Maybe it's schoolwork that makes a year go slowly? Should I study something next year to make the year slow down? :D

Ah, what else has been going on? I got our tree set up and other Christmas decorations...I'll post pictures later.

Annnd...I think that's about all for now. So, short post...but hopefully it was a little clearer than my last one. :)


rebecca said...

It is more fun shopping when you aren't totally broke :) I think I have most of my Christmas shopping done, but I have like 12 pieces of pottery in different stages of completion, and some are extras in case one ends up exploding or dripping glaze or somehow ending up really bad looking...

Did you dance the guys' part with the baby? :P

You know what I want for Christmas? Perhaps a slightly slower year next year!

You are really hard to shop for! :D

photogirl said...

Nope, it's not school that makes the year go by slowly...I can't believe that it's almost 2009! This year has really sped by! =)

Natalie said... I getting a piece of pottery? ;) jk.

lol No, I danced the girl's part. :D

What?! You're not going to slow down the year for me?? :P

Ah...well, I won't try that then, Photogirl. :D

rebecca said... I getting a piece of pottery?