Saturday, December 27, 2008

Five days left

So, we had a wonderful Christmas...even though the rest of my family now has the cold and was sick for Christmas. I'm so sorry!! :( I didn't sleep well Christmas Eve, so I almost fell asleep before we opened presents even. Yep, I must be getting old, I would have been quite happy to take a nap and then open presents later. :P

I was feeling well enough to go to church Christmas Eve though, so that was nice. :)

I got lots of neat things, and Colin was quite thrilled with his presents. Among other things he got some "Building Big" DVDs, and I got him Legos.

I got Dad new mats for the car and had quite a struggle wrapping them. I wanted to disguise them somewhat so I sort of folded them in half, wrapped them in bubble wrap, and then wrapped the whole thing with a black trash bag, and tied it with ribbon. It was...interesting.

"She got me bubble wrap, but I don't know why it's so heavy..."

I got some nifty socks!:

And the Chronicle of Narnia, hardcover books!:

Colin and I:

Rebecca got me this book, which I haven't ever read, but I think I'd heard of it and it looks very interesting!

So, my family is all sick now...or rather Mom and Dad feel awful and Colin is happily playing and seems to be fine except for coughing, but he claims he feels terrible too. :) I'm pretty much all better except I'm coughing like I've been smoking or something! lol So today I'm drinking massive amounts of water in an attempt to ditch this cough. We'll see if it works...
I went to the grocery store yesterday to get stuff for the sickies...we were almost out of kleenex! I'm glad I'm feeling better in time to take care of them at least...otherwise we'd all be down at the same time and pretty pitiful! :(

Only five days till next year! I can hardy believe it!


photogirl said...

I did the same thing, Natalie - I got a neat lamp for Micaiah and ended up putting it in two Jo-Ann bags and them in a Bath and Body Works bag...he was a little skeptical upon seeing it! =)

Sarah E. said...

Awesome socks!! Especially the stripes. *grins*

And the books are great too; I still remember with great fondness the year I got my own set of Lord of the Rings books. Not only were they mine alone (as opposed to the ratty paperbacks which belong to everyone), but they were hardcover! Not merely pretty, not merely sturdy, but hardcover books just smell better. *winks*