Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Gracie is searching for the meaning of Christmas... crushing the presents under the tree. :P

And no, that's not actually under the tree...she's sitting on my lap in that picture...courtesy of the camera on my laptop, but she was under the tree a moment ago.

Since I'm lying on the couch with my laptop, Mom suggested I could write a blog post...except it might be whiny. Well, I'll try not to whine. :)

I thought I was getting better, I didn't feel too bad when I got home from work yesterday, but after supper I got started coughing again and then this morning I had stuff to do, but my stomach was hurting inside and out and my head hurt too. Basically I felt like I'd coughed myself sick and sore. My stomach is rather sensitive and all the cough medicine and cough drops and tea just took it's toll, and then all my stomach muscles are sore from coughing. Ugh...I don't WANT to be lying around...I do tend to feel sorry for myself when I'm sick, but I want to be up and doing stuff.

I'm feeling a little better now though. Mom made me some cheese toast for lunch and I managed to swallow some sinus medicine and Tylenol so my head feels better. I should probably get up soon and try to get something done. I might be able to make it to church tonight even...and since we're meeting at someone's house surely I can find a comfy spot to sit. :)

Yesterday at work was interesting. :D The baby was still congested from her cold, so she and I mostly sat there coughing (in stereo, the cleaning lady said) while her aunt and uncle were in and out and her dad came home to find something and everyone but us seemed rather spazzed and stressed. I would have just preferred to see fewer people that day, but oh well...I survived. :P

Yeah, I should probably get up and go clean my looks like a tornado went through it. A tornado with a cold.

I'm rather upset about getting sick mostly because I thought maybe I could make it all season without getting sick. Ha-ha, silly me! Wishful thinking! I've been washing my hands obsessively and everything, but I guess there wasn't any way to keep from getting it from a baby. Oh well...I probably would have gotten it elsewhere if not from her, and at least I didn't have to worry about infecting her.

Anyway, I'm looking forward to Christmas tomorrow! :) Merry Christmas everyone!

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