Wednesday, April 09, 2008


Colin has a virus.

Don't mind me, I'll just be going around and disinfecting everything with with Lysol wipes...doorknobs, light switches..."Colin what else have you touched?!"

If it was just allergies I wouldn't be so worried, but it seems to be a virus...and I hate getting sick.

I've been washing my hands obsessively as well. We have some of that orange antibacterial soap in the bathroom, merely coincidental, that's just what we had on hand, but it's supposed to kill 99% of germs...which is awesome, except that it feels like it's killing 99% of the skin on my hands...that stuff's harsh! Ah well, I doubt the germs can live after I've used that soap. :p


Mrs. Darling said...

Hope he starts feeling better soon.

Beth said...

It's not that bad (she said in the light of day after a good stiff dose of caffeine). It's just yet another icky little respiratory/sore throat virus and you might already be immune to it.

Granted it does seem to be the Year Of The Virus around here...and your brother does seem to know how to really Do It Up Good when he gets sick.

Ana said...

Oh no! Some how I escaped getting the flu and cold this year, so far at least, my family, however, did not. I don't like getting sick either.

mandolinartist said...

I know what you mean about hands! My hands are so rough and dry that you can see the lines and wrinkles and they look very 'white' and dry. (I do also have some paint and glue stain from class today, even after several washes.) Between soap and hand sanitizer, my hands don't stand a chance, (even with tons of lotion.) Not to get gross or personal, but my feet are also dry... My heels are so rough that I rip out my socks on a regular basis. (I'm not sure the cause of this one!)