Wednesday, April 09, 2008

No we're not.

Okay, so Colin isn't that bad really, I just really don't want to get sick...for one thing he's got a sore throat. And I really don't like sore throats, and neither does Colin for that matter. Edit: Wow, I'm not sure what happened with the following sentence...I've fixed it now! He mopes around the house verbally complaining and coughs and whimpers...when I have a sore throat I stop talking. I mean, I stop talking. If it's absolutely necessary that I say something, I will open my mouth and say it no louder than necessary and then go back to swallowing painfully and clenching my teeth together in the process (like that helps anything!). I have gotten better about that, because I've figured out that if I drink lots and lots of hot tea when I have a sore throat I feel much better and can function. But I still would prefer not to be sick. :)
The worst thing today is that we didn't get much sleep last night, because he wasn't sleeping and kept getting up. So I woke up a few times, but mainly my problem is I didn't go to bed early enough. Actually, I probably got the most sleep of everyone because I can sleep through just about anything. Like fire alarms, and babies crying, so I'm not sure how that's going to be when I have kids. Presumably my own kids crying would wake me up? For their sakes, I hope so! :p

Anyways...enough about being sick! How about something more cheerful? Petunia, guarding the flour:

The price of flour and in fact, everything, is going up. Oh wait, that's not cheerful. The price of the big bag of bread flour at Costco has gone up...although not as much as we thought at first. It's $19.99 now, and for some reason Mom and I were thinking it was 8 or 10 something last time we bought it. I went and looked where I'd written down the price though, and it was $14.99 before, so it's only gone up five dollars. And it's certainly still cheaper to make your own bread rather than buying long as we can get that big bag. It would cost about 47 dollars to get that same amount from the grocery store! At which point it would probably be cheaper to get at least the fluffy wonder bread from the store...if you don't mind making your sandwiches out of fluffy preservatives.

Poor Mom had a bad headache the other night, and I was babbling about the price of the flour and doing math in my head, and totally confusing her. :) She finally asked, was I doing that on purpose? Was this, Mom's good at math, but let's see how she does with a headache, time? Oops...I wasn't trying to confuse her. :)

I made rice crispies yesterday, and Mom made shortbread cookies. I put sprinkles on the rice crispies so they wouldn't look so bland.

I couldn't really taste the sprinkles, except maybe they tasted a little bit sweeter, but Dad picked them all off of his piece because they were too crunchy. Umm...okay. There was a little pile of discarded sprinkles on the table! :p

American Idol last night was...ah, okay. It was "Inspirational Songs" or...the contestants picked songs they liked and made up inspirational stories to go with them.

Michael Johns was very good, although he's getting a bit annoying to watch...I guess he doesn't play guitar or anything? He needs to have something to do while he's singing.
Hmm...Carly tried to sing a Queen song and failed, Paris Bennet did it much better two seasons ago on AI.
Syesha was very good really, except for lacking emotion, but I just don't really like her style of singing.
David Cook sang some very strange song that I didn't like, but have going through my head right now...argh. "We are aaallll innocent, we ARE ALLL INNOCENT!!!" Go away, stupid song. Please. And we're not all innocent. So there.
Jason Castro says he's going to sing "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" and play the ukulele. My dad says, "Bye, Jason!" It wasn't too bad as long as you didn't watch him...because watching someone play the ukulele can make you start laughing no matter what they're singing. But watching Jason singing this slow song with the little "pling, pling, pling" in the background was hilarious!

So the Idol Gives Back extravaganza is on tonight, from 7:30 to 10. Sheesh, I guess I'll get a lot of knitting done. Most of the show is probably going to be annoying...we'll see. There are usually a few good singers they get on there and some ones I really don't like. Like Fergie. I don't like Fergie. But I think the Clark Brothers are supposed to be on there, and Bono is also, except he'll probably just talk.

Oh yeah, knitting, I started a knitting project. I'll post about it tomorrow after I get some more done on it tonight.


rebecca said...

Alex has that Over the Rainbow on his iPod (along with other versions) and I've been forced to listen to it before. But Jason amused me once again. :)

abigail said...

I don't think Petunia was too happy about having her picture taken! :D
Is there a story behind naming her Petunia or did it just fit? OK, you've probably figured it out by now but... I reeeelly like cute kitties! ;)

Natalie said...

Um...I think we just named her that... :) Yeah, she wasn't real happy with me!

As far as "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" goes, that version is less annoying than some, Rebecca! :D

Beth said...

Petunia's name was your dad's idea. He thought it would be funny to have a cat named "Petunia" and call her "Tuna" as a nickname. I named Basil, so he got to name her.

You didn't get to name her because you wanted to call her "Little Pretty Sweet Kitty". Aren't you glad now that we over-ruled you?

Natalie said...

Yes, it wouldn't have been a good idea to take the idea of a five year old. :)

Will said...

There are these sore throat relief lozenges, the brand is Cepacol, they work wonders! I seriously get the worse sore throats, so bad I can barely eat but after a few of those lozenges the pain is almost gone.

Natalie said...

Hmm...I've tried those (or a generic). They work for my dad, but I just end up with a numbed tongue, which doesn't really help anything! Yeah, sore throats are awful.