Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Tuesday...on Wednesday

Okay, so I used a half-hour of my afternoon tearing the house apart looking for the CDs that go with the Algebra 2 books that Mom is going to sell. Last time I saw them they were on the I looked behind all the books, looked in the cabinet in the garage that has more school stuff in it, looked all over my room, (although I didn't think the CDs were ever in there.) Mom finally emailed Dad and asked him if he knew where the things were! Well, he did, they were in his closet. Why, I don't know, but at least we've found them. Now I need to go take pictures of the Algebra 2 and the Biology books so Mom can re-sell them. Anyone need any Learnables Spanish, btw? I guess they've gone to a different format, more stuff on the computer or something, so no one's selling the old stuff with cassettes and CDs which is what we've got.

Oof. After all that rummaging, and yesterday when the cat had a hairball to deal with and had to be found and flung outside quickly, I've realized I'm still getting worn out easily. I really want to go ride my bike, but I'm not sure if I'm up to it or not.

So, you haven't been hearing about my teeth for two reasons...1. I thought I'd better not bore y'all with any more with updates on how miserable I was, and 2. I got better. :p

By Sunday night I was feeling great, I could talk, my mouth wasn't hurting, and I'd had time for a nap Sunday I was quite happy! ...although I tried not to be too terribly hyper around everyone else, Dad especially, since he was going around groaning a bit.

He and some other guys from church had a workday on Saturday over at our pastor's house putting up drywall in their new addition...I think everyone was probably stiff! :p It sounded like it went pretty well, considering none of them had put up drywall that's good! :) I think next weekend they're going to do the mudding.

Also, I realized this past week how much I like having something to do! There are also plenty of times when I feel lazy and not like doing anything at all, but after lying in the couch reading all week I was really bored. Now I love reading, but I was getting pretty tired of it by the weekend, and I was so happy on Monday to get up and clean a bunch of stuff and get stuff done! So next time I don't feel like doing anything, I'll remember that! :)

So I can eat more real food, but still pretty soft stuff. My friend Zoe and her mom brought me a little thing of macaroni and cheese yesterday, so sweet of them! It was very yummy too, and went well with the one barbecue chicken wing I managed to deal with for supper. And they brought it in a cute little Pyrex baking dish :) :

I also made pumpkin chocolate chip muffins yesterday:

And sewed Mom's coupon pouch...these go a lot faster the second time around:


Beth said...

And a very nice coupon pouch it is! It has a zipper that actually works and sides that are not falling apart; those two features make it ever so much better than the one I was using. PLUS it is really, really cute. It looks better in person than it does in the pictures...very classy. :) Thank you!

Zoe's mom's little dish is vintage Pyrex. I wonder if they made any of it in a pattern with your green in it? You could start collecting something new. :)

Natalie said...

The green version is little olive/avocado green, no go on that. There are some newer solid lime green baking dishes though...but they're not as cute.

Rebecca said...

I want that dish. And those muffins look extremely yummy. And the coupon pouch looks good too.

You always have such nice sane posts...I'm having a difficult time with that :)

Natalie said...

Ha, a nice sane post...I started writing this last night, wrote some more this morning, then decided to leave it and scrapped most of it when I rewrote it this afternoon! :D Not that it was insane, per se, it just didn't make much sense! :p

And the dish?...check ebay! And that one is so cute, it's only about 5 x 5!

Ana said...

Ooooo purple!!!! I love the pouch. :) I love purple ... as you might have guessed already. :)

Fun, fun, drywall! A very messy, sometimes long project. :)