Saturday, April 12, 2008

A tip for you

Always check the backseat before you leave to go somewhere. Just a helpful tip. Especially check the backseat if you had the windows down and you have a cat who likes to sleep in the car.

I needed to take some books back to the library I put the bookbag in the trunk, got in the car, etc., etc. I was almost to the library when a little furry head popped up from the backseat and said "mew?". I didn't swerve...amazingly. I may have made some sound of shock, but I kept the car on the road.
If it had been either of the other cats we've had, I would have known there was a cat in the car by the wailing coming from the backseat, but Gracie is rather dog-like and she likes riding in the car.

Well, she got a car-ride! She got to ride up to the library and then she got to sit in the car while I was in the library. And I was in there for a while, because the librarian was showing some guy how to use the online library catalog.

When I came back out, Gracie was sitting on the armrest in the front seat, watching everything. Just like a little dog. *sigh* She got back into the backseat when I started driving, and sat right behind my seat so I couldn't see her...which is where she must have been before she decided to scare me.

She likes listening to the radio...

...and Greenie treats, and lizard hunting, and long walks in the woods. STF (Single Tortoiseshell Female)


mandolinartist said...

I'm trying to imagine my reaction if I suddenly heard someone or something from the back seat of the car and I was 'alone.'

Abigail said...

That is hilarious! None of our animals liked riding in the car.

Ana said...

That is so funny. I would have been scared if a cat did that to me. I don't have cat, I have a small poodle. She LOVES car rides, anytime I get my shoes on she's by the door waiting to go out and when I ask her if she wants a car ride she cries, excessively loud, and when I open the door she runs straight for my car and waits for me. Once we're in the car she stands, nearly on the door itself, waiting for the window to open so she can stick her head out. *Rolls eyes* If I didn't hold on to her while I was going down the road she would jump out. :)