Tuesday, April 01, 2008

They're out to get you!

Ah, I've been kind of busy today. Grandma and Grandpa have been gone, they drove up to Illinois, and they just got back today, so we had them over for supper.

So we got to hear all about their trip, and about the people on the road that were Not Letting Grandma Get Past Them and Driving Right Behind Her! :) I don't think they were actually out to get her personally, it just sounded like the usual highway driving. And I think it was caused by two things...they have a green Mercury Sable with a spoiler on the back, so it looks at least somewhat sporty, whereas if it was a big white or silver Buick, you'd know it was old people and expect them to being going slow. Plus she was driving the speed limit in the left lane. Uh-huh, I would have been right behind them too!
And I know from when we went up to Illinois in December that the traffic between here and there can be pretty interesting. Especially Indiana drivers...I don't know how many times I was driving and cars with Indiana plates came speeding up behind me until I had to move over. And I don't drive slow by any means! :) So, the drivers were out to get them, but they enjoyed seeing relatives and they liked the hotel we recommended, so that's good.

I'm not watching American Idol right now because we didn't get done with supper till almost eight...so we're taping it. Which is fine, because then we can watch it very quickly and skip the stuff we want to. Because it's Dolly Parton week...ugh.

Mom said that she thought I would only have to pay $20 to go to the homeschool convention, but she and Dad saw some things they were interested in too, so it sounds like we'll all go. So that's nice...I haven't been to the convention for three or four years.

Our email is not working properly today. We weren't getting any email through for most of the day, and now it's starting to trickle in slowly. I still haven't gotten emails (like blog comment notifications) that I should have gotten this morning, so the email isn't coming through in order even.

I'm try to cut down on the amount of coffee I drink...drastically. So I didn't have any this morning. Since I was falling asleep mid-morning, I think maybe that was bit too drastic. I had a cup of tea instead and that helped. :)

Okay, I should go do other stuff...like watching American Idol. Woo-hoo. :D

Oh yeah, it's April Fool's Day...thankfully that's nothing scary around here! I guess I shouldn't say that too much...I'll end up getting it next year! :p Oh, maybe that's what was going on with the drivers on the highway...April Fool's pranks. ;)


Will said...

I actually have a bumper sticker that says slower traffic keep right. Oh and a couple of my friends are supposed to be speaking at the NCHE convention that's the one you are talking about right? If you have time you should check them out they should be pretty good.

rebecca said...

So...did I do anything totally shocking?? :P

Natalie said...

I actually have a bumper sticker that says slower traffic keep right.

Ha-ha, nice! Yes, I meant the NCHE convention, Will...who are your friends?

You didn't help clear off the table, Rebecca. I think that's all...and John "didn't know the difference between baseball and basketball". I told them that he did, and pointed out how many times they've heard Colin ask questions he certainly knew the answers to...it's the same sort of thing. :)

rebecca said...

Haha! Grandpa was scurrying around picking up all the dishes at light speed :D

I'm surprised they didn't say anything about my room. It seemed to shock them. :)

Will said...

Actually I just talked with my friends today and it seems they got nixed by the NCHE so they are not going to be speaking...Which is too bad, they are pretty funny. It was supposed to be something about making sure your kids don't end up as axe murders...Course now that I think about it maybe that title was why it got nixed :p

Natalie said...

Hmm...yeah, I can see where that might have alarmed the NCHE. :) That's too bad.