Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Jolene, Jolene, Jooo-leeene...

So I have that song in my head...which is, sort of alright. I sort of like the song, but I have the squeaky original Dolly Parton version in there. Hmm. Oh, look what I found while checking to see whether I was spelling "Jolene" right...the White Stripes did a cover of it! Jolene
Never heard of the White Stripes? They are rather strange, but anyway they sang the song at the beginning of the movie Napoleon Dynamite, We Are Going To Be Friends
Know that one? Yes? Okay, that's the White Stripes. I'm not recommending the rest of their music, I'm sure it's strange. It's odd enough for a guy to be singing that song...

So last night's American Idol wasn't so bad...the ones that stood out as being good or bad:

Brooke's version of Jolene was too cheerful...and the makeup artist put way too much blue eyeshadow on was a little bright!

David Cook sang a song no one had heard before, but he did a good job. His hair was different. It looked like instead of pointing the hair-dryer down when they did his hair, they pointed it up and made his hair stick up funny.

Jason Castro was very good last night...I've forgotten the name of his song, but it was good! And he seemed like he was awake! Good job, Jason! :p

Kristy sang "Coat of Many Colors" with no emotion of any sort. But then that worked for Carrie Underwood...maybe she's figured out something there. And she was barefoot...why I'm not sure.

It was funny to hear how Dolly Parton described the contestants! Not so funny to watch her...she's had so much plastic surgery her mouth's hardly in the right place to talk. :( The other older country singer that I can think of, Emmylou Harris, is about the same age. I haven't seen her talk so maybe her face is just as artificial, but she looks so much nicer than Dolly! Emmylou Harris

Anyway...according to the A. Idol message board, supposedly the Clark Brothers from Next Great American Band are going to be on A. Idol tonight (yay!)...I guess they'll be playing while Dolly sings?
David Cook was taken to the hospital last night because he was having heart palpitations and had high blood pressure. He got better.
And Ryan Seacrest walked into a door and hurt his knee, and apparently was limping during the whole show last night. Hmm...not a good night there.

Oh dear, all the country music last night killed her...oh wait, she's just asleep:

I'm sorry, that was a really random post...I can't seem to get my thoughts organized to write a meaningful post about anything!


rebecca said...

I liked David Cook's hair until he touched it and I realized it was one solid piece. And I love that Jason Castro :)

Natalie said...

Ha, I didn't notice it was all hairsprayed into one piece!

abigail said...

Awwww... Gracie is so adorable! Believe it or not, I dreamed about her last night! I was trying to hide from a tornado and then I saw her in the middle of a field and had to go rescue her :D

Ana said...

Random posts are totally fine. :) Hey, at least you are actually posting, me, well ... not so really actually posting. :)

Will said...

Haha the White Stripes singing Jolene. The only song of theirs I have listened to more than once is Seven Nation Army

Natalie said...

That is funny, Abigail! Hey, thanks for going to rescue her! ;p

Oh, I have heard that song somewhere...I didn't know it was the White Stripes though. I haven't a clue what the lyrics mean, but the bass and drum beat is pretty cool! :D