Tuesday, April 22, 2008

She's Alive...but not kicking yet :)

Hi everybody in Shrubbery land, this is Nat's mom. She told me I could post a quick update to let you all know she lived through her surgery. :) Actually, I said "Do you want me to post an update?" and she said "Ooom..hooommph" and nodded...she's not really able to open her mouth enough to speak yet.

Everything went just fine, she's ensconced on the couch with all her favorite blankies and her stuffed zebra. She's in some pain, but she just got her first dose of the powerful pain medicine so that should get better fast. She had a lovely, tasty lunch of yogurt and Malt-O-Meal hot cereal. :)

Thanks to everyone for your prayers and encouragement. You helped her to be braver than she usually is. :) Ana, I really appreciate your idea about the frozen washcloths...I put several in the freezer this morning and they are helping a lot!

I imagine she'll be up and posting by tomorrow, even if only to keep me from messing with her blog.

Oh...Olivia Joy...you'll do fine! I had mine out in my mid-thirties and they had grown into the jaw bone so they had to do unspeakable things to get them out. I got by just fine afterward with only non-prescription stuff like Advil. You're far better off to get them out while you're young!


Rebecca said...

I'd glad everything went well! Was there any...er...amusing behavior afterwards?

Beth said...

No, I'm afraid not. If she's thinking any amusing thoughts she's keeping them to herself. :) Right now she's sound asleep and, unfortunately, I have to go wake her up to make her take her antibiotic.

Abigail said...

Hope you feel better soon!

Olivia Joy said...

Thank you Mrs. R. I feel a little better about getting them out :)
Though I am still a little nervous.
Tell Natalie I said "Hi" and am glad she is feeling better :)
BTW, thank you for posting for her, it is fun to get to know Nat's Mom :)

Ana said...

Mrs. Natalie's Mom~
Thank you for the update. It's great to know what's going on!

I'm glad the frozen washcloths are working. It's nice not to get all puffy and swollen like an over-stuffed chipmunk or some such thing. :)

mandolinartist said...

WOW... I didn't realize Natalie was having her wisdom teeth out... FEEL BETTER!