Friday, April 18, 2008

The debate tonight

The gubernatorial debate tonight was very interesting. It was more of a discussion than a debate, all four of the candidates got to state their opinion of the various topics with not very many time limits.
The four candidates were Pat McCrory, Bob Orr, Fred Smith, and Bill Graham. Since they were all four conservative candidates, I agreed with things all of them said! Not very helpful in figuring out who to vote for! :) I think all in all I liked McCrory best, he seemed to have some good plans for if he won. I was least impressed with Orr, he was mainly be talking about what the Democrats are doing wrong, without saying what he would do to instead. Smith was alright, but I don't think he's had much experience in government, so he wouldn't necessarily be best for governor. He had an answer for everything...but by the end of the debate that was getting merely annoying. :) Graham would probably be my second choice, as he also had plans for what needs to be done in government.

One of the topics they covered was the school system. While the public school system doesn't affect us directly, since we're not part of it, I was still interested to hear what they had to say. Because even if we personally aren't in the public schools, the students coming out of the public school affect many things we are part of. All four of the candidates were for returning to practical education in the schools to encourage local industry, because if we have skilled workers, businesses will be able to start up. They also mentioned more specialized teaching, the English-speaking students separate from the ESL students, or separate classes for boys and girls, so that in both cases the students would be able to be taught in whatever way is best. On thing McCrory mentioned was putting less emphasis on four-year college, because not everyone wants to go to a four-year college, and if there are other options, students who would prefer to be going into a more practical occupations would be able to. I think this was also supposed to keep students from dropping out of high school, since more of them would have a reason to stay in school.

Anyway, they all put it much more clearly...that would be one of the reasons they're in politics and I'm not! ;) The debate was on the radio live, but I don't think there's anywhere that you can hear it now.

It was interesting to hear anyway, and at least maybe I'll be able to vote in the local election even if there's no one to vote for in November!


Will said...

Ah, I had thought about going to that debate but I ended up working later than I planned. I like McCrory as well though Smith has some positions I agree with as well....

Beth said...

"Laugh about it,
Shout about it,
When you've got to choose,
Every way you look at it you lose."

Paul Simon has something to say about everything in life.

Natalie said...

Paul Simon has something to say about everything in life.

Not many songs like that anymore...

Yeah, it was a good debate, but it did start awfully early. Dad took the day off, so we were able to make it, and a guy we know works in Greensboro, so he got there right after work. I'm not sure why it was so early!