Saturday, April 19, 2008

"Going to the candidates debate"

And that title is from the song, Mrs. Robinson, by Simon and Garfunkel...except that I've always thought it said something about I was having trouble figuring out why Dad had the song going through his head. Sheesh...I mishear lyrics everyone else can understand, and I understand ones everyone else mishears.

Look, I found the video about the debate that was on the news last night! And you can see Dad and me in the video...the backs of our heads most of the time, and then we apparently walked behind a lady they were interviewing. (I'm wearing a green shirt.) And they got a good shot of a guy from our church looking thoughtful over the candidates "slightly different views on how far control over illegal immigrants should go". :) So for people who know him, you can watch for Seth looking thoughtful... :p Debate in Greensboro

I felt horribly under-dressed, all the people seemed to be dressed up and I had on jeans, a knit shirt, and Converse. I was wishing I'd worn something more dressy, nicer pants and a dressier shirt, but I'm still not sure what I would have done shoe-wise, because there was no way I was wearing heels as worn out as I was! On the whole we were a little out of was mostly older people, people working for the candidates, or the interns from the Civitas of which was sitting across the aisle from us and fidgeting the whole time. It made me feel better about having to move some myself (the chairs were a little uncomfortable) but it was still a bit annoying... :)


abigail said...

I'm not sure that we'll be voting for him, but Fred Smith used to live in our house!

Natalie said...

Wow! That's interesting! :D...but yeah, not exactly something to base a vote on...LOL! ;)

Rebecca said...

I like how you just disappear suddenly while walking behind that woman!

brlittle said...

2 things...

1- Seth *always* looks thoughtful... nothing new there. ;)

2- Go see Ben Stein's Expelled... then don't worry about your shoes!

Natalie said...

Seth *always* looks thoughtful

Hmm...that's true! :D

Oh yeah, Ben Stein wears some sort of casual shoes doesn't he? I'm looking forward to seeing that movie, from the trailers it looks pretty good!