Thursday, July 31, 2008

Colin's 7th birthday

Well, I took a lot of pictures while Colin was opening his presents tonight, but I was having trouble with my camera, so a bunch of them turned out dark. Something wasn't working right with the flash....but I still got a lot!

Mom also blogged about Colin's birthday this morning. You wouldn't believe how hard it is to get that boy to smile right for pictures!! He immediately acts cheesy and either smiles some silly grin, or clamps his mouth shut in a frozen smile. Good grief! 6/7 year-olds!

After he found the "treasure":

Playdough! When I told Mom I wanted to get him some playdough, she groaned and I pointed out that we have hard floors now. It won't be as bad as when I had playdough!:

Unwrapping something with great speed!:

Uh-oh, badminton rackets (racquets?) and an evil grin...this does not look good for me:

What is it?! Apparently, the bag with hearts was the only gift bag Grandma had...:

Ooo, one of those things!:

Weird, squishy's eating my foot:

Gracie does not like the squishy ball!!:

BIG box:

Mom was wondering if he could tell from the shipping label what it was...well, technically, but he doesn't know what that means:

What are these?:

AH! That's what it is! A cap gun:

Doesn't he look smugly happy? And old! *sniff*:


There are more photos below this, or in the last post, depending on how you read this.

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