Friday, July 18, 2008


I took a picture at work Wednesday of the wallpaper in their kitchen because I wanted to show Mom what it looked like...well, it looks like this which I cropped from a picture of the kitchen:

But the close-up picture of just the wallpaper did this!:

Very strange!


The Pink Potpourri said...

wow, that is really weird! i wonder why that happened. anyways, have a great weekend!

Ana said...


Meg said...

So on your last post you were wondering what to call the mom&baby.

When I was still pregnant and didn't know the sex we called the bump BabyG.

Its almost the same but maybe just adding a letter to mom and baby.

mandolinartist aka amanda said...

Interesting... I like the weird photo!

Natalie said...

Thanks for commenting, Meg! :) Yeah, that might work!