Thursday, July 31, 2008

More pictures

Perfect Gracie-sized box:

Go away. My cable ties:


I warned you, annoying human!!:

Pretzel cat:

Unwrapping something:

Colin explaining how his toy works:

Colin squishing Grandma and Grandpa:

The birthday boy takes out the bag of wrapping paper:

A new outdoor game to figure out! All I know about ladderball is that you should be careful not to get the balls stuck in the trees:

The cake...I really don't like how the writing turned out. I used jam like I did on that other cake a few weeks ago, but apparently it doesn't work real well for it's really weird-looking:

Colin with his cake:

I don't think he spit on it... :

So, that was Colin's birthday! I'm pretty happy with how the cat on his cake turned out, but it wasn't easy...and those butterscotch chips are awfully sticky! Ick. And if they're stuck together in the bag the way the chocolate chips get sometimes, they don't come apart like chocolate...they just melt together more. Arrrgh.... Mom and I also realized tonight that we really don't like cake all that well...chocolate cake is good, and carrot cake, and some various tube cakes...but it's just SO sweet! I think maybe we like chocolate cake without icing. I mean, I did like it, and I'd eat cake again, we're just not big fans of cake for some reason.

Anyway...everyone else is in bed, so I should probably go to bed. :)


rebecca said...

The cake looks great...and yummy! I guess I am a cake person...

Ana said...

Your first pictures of your cat made me laugh. How funny. And your cake turned out GREAT!

Natalie said...

Thanks, Rebecca and Ana!