Friday, July 18, 2008

A few observations

Various things I saw or thought today.

I took Dad to work today so we could go pick him up and go straight to Costco after that, because we live at the opposite end of town from Costco.

Seen: on the way to work, the lady in front of us had the strangest way of checking her mirrors. She was driving very slowly in the left lane and had nobody very close in front of her at all, but she would turn her whole head to look in the rear view mirror, and then in half a second whip back to look at the road in front of her...and she did this quite often. It was a good thing Dad was driving on the way there, because I was just spellbound watching her do this! I mean, for one thing, most people just glance towards the mirror and it doesn't usually require a lot of head movement. Then the way she was doing it, you would think she was expecting something to jump out in front of her car or the time it took her to look in the mirror, she wouldn't have suddenly caught up to the cars in front of her!

Thought: small children and elderly people shouldn't be allowed to watch lots of leads to paranoia...well, the old folks could watch something like "Jeopardy" and the kids could watch "Mr. Roger's Neighborhood". Those would be safe I would think....unless the kids developed a paranoid fear of men in cardigan sweaters...which is quite possible. ;p

I say this because my grandma came over here today while Grandpa was gone at the store. She had been out picking blueberries and thought she heard their back door close. She'd seen something on the news (because she always watches the "things that could kill you" sort of shows) about people sneaking into your house while you're outside and then holding you hostage...and she was worried someone might be in their house. SO, she wanted me to go look and see if there was anyone in there. I am much more capable of defending myself than Grandma is, so it was a valid request I suppose, and she did give me a big heavy stick to carry in with me (I wonder what sort of tree that came off of, it was really heavy!). On the other hand, had this person been armed I'm not sure what I was supposed to do... Luckily there wasn't anyone in there. It was probably her neighbor's door closing, or a mockingbird that sounded like the door. So...I'm still alive and I didn't have to attack anyone...that's cool.

You know, now that I think about it, Grandma was kind of assuming it would have been a man, but it could have been a which case...I don't know, I wouldn't have been thinking of that. a girl, you generally think about defending yourself from a man, not a woman. (Wow, that was a random side-thought there, sorry!) Back to the observations...

Seen: an elderly couple returning a big case of goldfish crackers to Costco...we were really, really wondering why they had to be returned!

Thought: this is a really randomly funny song...I hadn't ever heard it before.

That was my day...I also got caught up on my chores and got the house all vacuumed and some of the dusting done and I mopped the kitchen floor. It's all wonderfully clean now for the weekend, that's always nice.

I need to go check on the freezer...we're defrosting it tonight and it's probably dripping water on the garage floor by now!


rebecca said...

people sneaking into your house while you're outside and then holding you hostage

Hasn't something like that happened to her before?

Natalie said...

Oh you're right!! I forgot about that! But that was when they lived right near a prison.

MomCat said...

Thought: this is a really randomly funny song...I hadn't ever heard it before.

Well, at least you didn't make the mistake of telling your father you thought it was a Lynyrd Skynryd song. Will I ever live that one down??

Natalie said...

The music did sound similar to Lynyrd Skynard... *shrug*