Monday, July 21, 2008

Hey, that was actually fun!

Okay, my blog readers may now all gasp with shock....I played volleyball, and liked it, and didn't break anything! (Of course, the not breaking anything probably had a lot to do with my liking it.)

We had a busy day yesterday. As I said, we were invited to the Beasleys' house for lunch, but then because we had several families out of town, instead of having our usual Sunday night service, everyone got together at the Beasleys last night. So we went to church, went home and got our food really quick, went to the Beasleys and had lunch, went back home to change and grab some more food to take in the evening, and went back to the Beasleys. Phew.

We had enough time to eat lunch slowly though...we didn't have to eat and run, which is how it was seeming like it was going to be. We also got to see how their remodel/addition looks now that it's finished. It looks really nice...but I didn't get any pictures.

So in the evening, we sang some and had a time for prayer and then everyone got some food, and whoever wanted to went and played volleyball. My dad even played!!! I guess he decided it didn't look like he was going to be interfering with a bunch of pros, so he could play. :) He also managed to about take me out with his first serve...nice. Of course, Amanda also about hit me with a serve and she was on my team! On the other hand, I almost hit her in the last game, so I think we're even. ;p My, not so good always. I figured out that I like playing in the middle right by the net...bother the rotating! I would have done best if I could have stayed there through a whole game. :p

My friend Maria took some pictures for me during the first game. I tried to lighten them a bit so you can see them was really overcast, which was great for playing, but not so good for pictures.

I'm the one in the black shirt...if you can even see me in these pictures...Maria was on the other side of the yard when she was taking pictures. That's my dad in the white shirt and khaki shorts.

That's Amanda to the left of me:

Some of the little boys playing on the deck. That's Colin in the green shirt who's turning red from the heat:

So, I do like volleyball after all, I think maybe it depends on the people you're playing with actually wanting to play.

The rest of my family got tired and went home fairly early, but Dad said I could stay, so Amanda gave me a ride home later...I think it was almost ten when we got home. I didn't get to bed till 11:15ish though because I wasn't really fact I was wide awake from all the activity! :p

On the other hand, the bed felt awfully nice when I went to bed, as did the heating pad I had on my arm...because although I didn't break anything, my arms from the elbow down were rather sore. The spray-painting on Thursday had already made some muscle in my arm ache, and volleyball just finished off my right arm by hitting on the outside. :p Thankfully the heating pad really helped and I'm just bit stiff this morning. :)


mandolinartist aka amanda said...

I really enjoyed Volleyball last night as well. It is nice to work out and get all sweaty from time to time, and like I said in the car, sometimes just running around or walking in a circle to work out gets boring. It is also nice to have a large group. Since college, I don't tend to hang out in large groups with friends, except for church, because everyone lives so far away. For our weddding, we got some group games, but we rarely have a big group to play... Sometimes a small group from work goes out for coffee or something, but most of us are still spread out as to where we live, and I am yet to see a coffee shop that offers volleyball... Perhaps that could be their next sales or sells pitch.

Abigail said...

Yeah, I love volleyball!