Saturday, July 19, 2008


The pastor and his family invited us over for lunch tomorrow, so Mom and I both made cakes. can't ever have too much cake!!! No, actually you can. I was planning on making a chocolate cake, but Mom also had a recipe she wanted to try and if it didn't work out we'd still have my cake to take tomorrow. They both worked, so we have two cakes (one chocolate w/buttercream frosting; one brown sugar pound cake)...and a veggie tray to counteract all the cake. :p

My cake...that's jam the flower's made out of:

So today Mom and I baked and veggie-ed and cleaned up the kitchen multiple times, while Dad and Colin...uh, what did they do? Oh yeah, yard work and painted some gable-end vent things...which aren't installed, so they weren't painting them in place.

And Petunia slept because she was exhausted from...I don't know what.

Mom and I decided that my new dress definitely looks like a leopard. So at least (geek warning) it's up to date. ;p
See? dress...leopard.

Mom and I were trying to remember how the Veggie Tales theme song goes (because we were working with vegetables) and Mom was singing it. Colin's going to have to watch some more of those videos...sometime last week Mom and I quoted some of the French peas' dialogue from "Josh and the Big Wall", and Colin sat there looking at us like he thought we'd gone utterly insane. :p

"You silly little pickle, you silly little peas! You think walking round and round will bring zis city to it's kneez? The awesome powers of our wall we've clearly dem-on-strated... Ah! But out here in zee hot, hot sun, perhaps you're de-hy-drated?"

"Run away!!" ...oh wait, not the same movie, just awfully similar.

Anyway...that's what I did...oh, and I went and bought cat food and groceries this morning.

Now I should probably go to bed soon...I don't think I slept enough last night, because I've been having trouble thinking clearly today. I kept calling the carrots potatoes and other such things...and I certainly hope this post made sense.


mandolinartist aka amanda said...

Beautiful cake! I like the flower, and I am sure it tastes even better than it looks.

Jessica said...

Hahaha...that's hilarious, and quite ironic. I was over at Lizzie's house, and on Tuesday morning we were randomly quoting from "Josh and the Big Wall." That's so funnny!!! :P

Lizzie said...

Humph. Jess beat me to it. I was just going to say that we were quoting "Josh and the Big Wall." But I guess that's old news now. I especially like singing the "Keep Walking" song. :P

abigail t said...


Lauren said...

hey natalie! your cake turned out so pretty!!! how did you put the jelly on it like that?

Natalie said...

Oh my, what have I started?! :D LOL! "Keep walking, but you won't knock down our wall, keep walking..."

Thank you, Lauren!
We made some jam that cooked down too much and pretty much turned into fruit leather, so I heated it in the microwave for a few seconds and then put it in a icing bag and piped it onto the cake. I drew the design with a toothpick beforehand so I could just put the jam in the lines.

Oh wait, that's a water buffalo.

jessica said...

"Hippo chewing on bamboo...can't see boy and three cebu..."

Bassman560 said...

Very nice cake.
P.S. it's spelled cebu. P.P.S. the water buffloe song is my favorite!

Natalie said...

Wow...I think one of these weeks where I'm too busy to post much, I'll just do a daily Veggie Tales sing-along! :D

"Sick cebu is rowing and sneezing"

Oh, um...I really mean this kindly, Marck, but perhaps you shouldn't correct the spelling of cebu and then spell buffalo wrong...I'm just saying... ;) It's annoying there's no spell-check on the comments would be very handy!

MomCat said...

There's no spell-check on the comments? Really? Yikes!!

I've probably been embarrassing myself all over the Blogosphere.

Hey wait, why is there a red line under Blogosphere??? Is that not indicative of a spell-checker? Am I not up too late at night?

Jessica said...

Hee hee hee...revenge is sweet. Spellcheck is sweeter.

Natalie said...

Okay, well, there's the built-in spell-check in Firefox, but it doesn't give you possibilities to choose from, and I don't know if other browsers check spelling or not...

Of course neither the Blogger spell-check or Firefox think "Rebecca" is spelled properly...that's it, don't exist. ;)

Ha-ha! Good one, Jessica! :P

BTW, do you go by "Jess" I was going to call you Jess, but then I realized you seem to just go by your full name.

rebecca said...

that's it, don't exist. ;)

That's why I don't blog very often :P

Natalie said...

Well...that makes sense.