Thursday, July 24, 2008

Pictures part 1

My cousin John emailed me the pictures he took while they were here's some more pictures. Some of these are a little weird...and these are the more normal ones even! :p John was wandering around taking pictures the whole time they were here, so we were alternately tired of having pictures taken, or didn't even know he was taking these.

Rebecca and Andrea on the swings...discussing something:

R. and A. done with the discussion:

Why does my hair always look bright red in outdoor photos?:

It also would have been nice if someone had told me we were having our picture taken...since apparently everyone else knew!!...and Dad and Rebecca both look like they're about to kill John...hmm...

I guess I must have been standing up, although it looks like I'm about to backhand Rebecca with the camera...since I don't remember doing that and she doesn't look worried, that must not have been the case!:

Rebecca blogging:

Interesting ladybug we found:

Picture of...a streetlight, I believe? It's pretty neat-looking anyway!:

This one cracks me up...because you can just see Colin's head peering at the camera I'm holding!:

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rebecca said...

Oh my...that fourth one is scary!