Thursday, July 31, 2008

Colin's treasure hunt

These were the clues I wrote for Colin's "treasure hunt"...I think I could have made them harder! Well, I don't know if I could have thought of any harder ones, but he figured these out pretty easily. He really enjoyed it too!!

This is a treasure hunt for your present! Find the 1st clue behind Gracie’s favorite treat. (Greenie treats in the pantry)

The 2nd clue is under what Natalie just painted. (Bathroom cabinet)

The 3rd clue is where the strawberries swing. (Strawberries in hanging basket)

One of your pandas is holding the 4th clue. (Stuffed panda in his room)

The 5th clue is behind the game in Natalie’s room. (Behind the Chinese Checkers board)

How does Dad get into work? Find the 6th clue there. (In the drawer with his badge)

Have you done all your chores? The 7th clue is waiting for you with one of your chores…pay attention while you do your work. (Recycling waiting to go out)

You saw me!! What’s green and yellow and likes to climb…and tastes good too? Find your 8th clue there. (On the squash trellis)

What do you look for at 11:30 and 3:00? The 9th clue is next to it. (In the basket with the TV remote)

What cold thing do you eat in the living room? The 10th clue is shivering next to it. (In the freezer by the ice cream)

Good Job!!!! Now find your present in the fallen structure in the woods. ☺ (In the fallen down brick fort my friends and I built)

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