Thursday, July 03, 2008

Total Thursday randomness

When I went to Goodwill the other day, I also found a nice big mug for my also has a nice big handle on it, so if we have company over that can't deal with the tiny little tea cups we have, they can use this! :p

Here's both fabrics I got for my apron:

I'm quite pleased with what I found because the plaid is a nice tasteful fabric, but it goes with the green, as does the funky spirograph fabric!

I'm going to try to make an apron like the Emmeline Apron...the pattern's kind of expensive (or more than I pay for a pattern anyway) so I'm going to try to just come up with something similar. I think I know what I'm doing... :)

We got a bag of blueberries when we were up at our friends' farm on Tuesday, so I washed them and put them on a tray to freeze. I had to try not to eat them all on the way out to the freezer! I can't wait for our blueberry bushes to start fruiting...they should be by next year.

I had a long conversation with a little three-year-old after prayer meeting last night. This is one of the two kids I babysit, my friend's little kids. Her mom and I were both very tired, so we were just sitting on the couch while she sat between us and talked and talked and talked. She doesn't usually talk that much!

We started out on socks, because I was trying to see what her socks had on them.

Me: What's on your socks?

A. : Pooodles! They have pooodles on them! Do you have pooodles on your socks?

Me: No, mine are plain brown. (I show her my socks.)

A. : (Looks at my socks and shoes thoughtfully) You should get sparkly shoes! I have sparkly shoes! (she has light-up shoes).

Me: Well, when you're older these are cool shoes (Converse) but for little kids like you, the "sparkly" shoes are cool...I had sparkly shoes when I was little.

A. : Oh. (Thinks about it for a while.) You had sparkly shoes when you were three?

Me: When I was little, yes. Maybe when you're bigger you can get some like these. Maybe in pink?

A. : Ooo! Pink! Do you have pink ones?

Me: No, I have some green ones.

She continued talking about various things, including the decorative birds that were in the living room at the house we were meeting at.

A. : Look at the birds! They're saying "Tweet, tweet, tweet"! (Colin came out to the living room right about then, so she started telling him this too. He told her they weren't real birds, they were ornamental birds.) They say "tweet, tweet, tweet"! (Colin sort of looked doubtful and laughed like he was humoring her.)

A. : Oh, look a little baby bird! When you're bigger (she turns to me again) you should have a little baby!

Me: Oh, when I'm married I should have a baby? That would be nice!

A. : Yes, a little baby (indicating with her thumb and finger something about the size of a bug) in your tummy. A little girl.

We finally came to the conclusion that I'm supposed to have a little girl, and it should have the same name as her. :) I told her that then when she was bigger she could babysit for me...she thought that sounded like a good idea. :p

Speaking of babies, I've got an interview on Saturday. I might be getting a job as a babysitter/nanny two days a week starting this fall. One of the med students at our church called me to find out whether I would be interested in babysitting for her sister, who is also going to be a doctor and working two days a week. (It's kind of funny really, they're both married to lawyers and going into pediatrics!) So anyway, I'm meeting with them sometime Saturday, so if y'all could pray that that goes well, I'd appreciate it!

I think it would be a really fun job if I get it. Now if I can just not go all shy and clam up on Saturday, I'll be fine. I wish I wa
sn't so shy! I'm getting better, I really am, but in situations like this I have a tendency to stop talking. *sigh*

I was out gardening this morning, and while I was watering my squash I saw a honeybee on one of the flowers, which is good! I was worried about them not getting pollinated properly, and some of them haven't gotten pollinated and just died. I also saw a completely black bee! I hadn't ever seen one like that before, so I looked it up and from what I can find it's a "mason bee". Or a similar "solitary bee" like the ones mentioned on this page. It was really impressive looking! :p And apparently they like to live in houses like this one:

I like some of the songs by the Beatles, as in they're cool, fun songs, but not really songs that you would expect to make you go "awww!" when you hear them. When my cousins were here we were listening to Beatles songs while we were out and about and I hadn't ever heard "When I'm Sixty-Four" before and I found myself thinking "awww!" while listening to it. :) When I'm Sixty-Four

"I could be handy, mending a fuse
When your lights have gone
You can knit a sweater by the fireside
Sunday morning, go for a ride
Doing the garden, digging the weeds
Who could ask for more?"

Ha-ha, I love it! I also love how the British say things, "doing the garden". :p

I was "doing" the garden this morning, and I'm afraid I disturbed a bunch of fire ants! Not good!!! Maybe when they calm back down and get back to their hill we can find it and pour some boiling water down it or something. Thankfully they were just running all over the area under the trees where we don't walk much anyway...I was pulling weeds back there and must have bothered them. That also must be what bit me last week...I got a bite under the strap on my flip-flop while my cousins and I were out in the sprinkler. Maybe they're not fire ants, but some other kind...I'm not sure. They weren't normal little black ants, that's for sure!

My grandma was just over here and she had some sunglasses with her...old ones. "Are those your sunglasses?" I asked. And she said that yes they were, and they were probably terribly out of style (not that she really cared) and she just wears them when she's hanging laundry on the clothesline. Her sunglasses are really quite in style! They were like these except they had sort of translucent pink frames.

And now I need to stop being random and go see if there's anything I need to do for supper...I'm cooking tonight.


MomCat said...

I like some of the songs by the Beatles, as in they're cool, fun songs, but not really songs that you would expect to make you go "awww!" when you hear them.

You don't go "awww" when you hear "Rocky Raccoon"?

Someone I knew (daughter of a co-worker) used "When I'm 64" as her wedding march. Which was kind of a cute idea for a non-Christian's wedding, I guess.

Another co-worker's daughter and son-in-law had Aerosmith's "Dude Looks Like A Lady" played at the reception for their first dance. I worked with very edifying and inspiring people. :)

Natalie said...

Another co-worker's daughter and son-in-law had Aerosmith's "Dude Looks Like A Lady" played at the reception for their first dance. How romantic.

Abigail said...

My mom got a singing bear that sang When I'm Sixty-Four, it was hilarious! (even though she's way younger) It was the first time I'd heard it. :D

Jessica said...

I love chatting with little kids! They have such interesting things to say. I also love the Beatles...and I say "awww" when I listen to some of their songs.

Anonymous said...

hey natalie!im finally commenting! btw i love your granny's sunglasses! hehe!

Natalie said...

Hey Lauren!! :)

Yep. her sunglasses are pretty cool! ;D

BTW, you can choose the "name/url" option when commenting, and just put your name in.

lollypop said...

okay will do! *lauren*

The Pink Potpourri said...

cute mug! i love to shop at goodwill...i always find great deals! and i can't wait to see your apron! i would love to make a fun one like that. love the colors!!!

abby said...

i love that apron fabric!

Ana said...

Oh the cuteness of the cup!!! How adorable!!! And I love your fabric!!! It will be so much fun to see how it turns out!

Natalie said...

Thank you all! I'll be sure to post pictures when I get around to sewing the apron! :)