Thursday, July 10, 2008


Hey, sorry y'all, I didn't mean to just disappear for a week! :) And I have been reading blogs and commenting, but I've been too busy to write a whole blog post! As you might have noticed, I put a new profile picture up and messed with my profile a bit. Um...let's see.

Friday was the 4th of July, so we went to the store and got steaks for supper, and Dad grilled and we went to see fireworks. Saturday I had that interview, so that took a lot of the day and then I had my usual Saturday work to do. Sunday was busy, Monday we caught up on stuff around the house, Tuesday I took Dad to work, and then worked four hours, and then yesterday was Wednesday. About every other Wednesday is men's prayer meeting, and they met here this week, so Mom and I were busy getting the house picked up a bit and baking cookies for refreshments. And then we left so we wouldn't be in the way...our house is so small we would have had to stay back in the bedrooms all evening...or we could have gone next door to Grandma and Grandpa's house. We probably should next time.

So...I got the job as a nanny! Hurrah! As I said, I worked four hours Tuesday, and I'll work 3-4 hours next Tuesday, so I get used to their house and the baby, because then she needs me to work on the 16th almost all day. Then I think I'll be working a few either full or half days in early August and then she's starting work in September, and that's when I'll start working two full days a week, every week.

It's really going to be fun to get to take care of a baby again, it's been almost seven years since Colin was that little! And now I'll know how to take care of a little girl...I know perfectly well how to care of a baby boy, but I always think that then I'll end up having five little girls or something when I'm married and not have a clue what to do with them! :p Now I don't need to worry about that. Plus this little baby is wiggly, and a little fussy, and spits up easily...which I should probably get used to because apparently that's how I was when I was a baby. *sigh* I certainly know that if I come home from work and complain about being spit up on, that my mom will probably just laugh at me. :)

But I successfully gave the baby a four ounce bottle, burped her, and got her soundly back to sleep when it was time for her nap, so I think I'll do fine. It is one thing I'm rather good at anyway, so it's a good job for me.

On Tuesday, after I picked Dad up from work we stopped at Goodwill to see if they still had some computers that I told him I saw there. Basically, to make a long story short, they had some of the original iMacs (the bright colored ones) and they also had a regular Mac CPU that I was remembering as being like, red or orange or something...which it shouldn't have been. They made some in blue, but I simply can't remember whether this was blue and I just got it confused with the orange and pink iMacs or what. Unfortunately, it wasn't there anymore, so we'll never know now! :p It probably was blue and I just remembered it wrong, but I don't know. They still had a blue and a green iMac...the green one was really neat, but sadly those are slower than what I have now and the screen is smaller, so it wasn't really worth it to get it to somehow use as just a monitor either. But it looked really cool!

Anyway, we found a silverware holder thingy (that I should have gotten when I bought the extra silverware!) and I found now we're well-stocked on cool coffee mugs.

There was another one that had two of those cats with big silly grins on their faces and it said "Keep smiling!" and those cats amused me, but it had a crack in it. I like that Sandra Boynton cat! It's cute.

The reason I said we should probably just go over to G&G's house next time men's meeting is here is that we I went shopping and ended up buying four pairs of shoes. Because I needed four more pairs of shoes...not. Well, actually I sort of did. I can afford them now for sure since I have a paycheck and these are for work as well anyway. I wanted some nice flat, practical shoes to wear, so I don't have to wear flip-flops.

Mom and I had supper at Panera Bread, and then we went to Michael's craft store because Mom wanted to look at some yarn, and I found one pair of shoes there. These ones...they were only five dollars.

They seem really fairly well-made.

And then we went to Shoe Carnival and I found a pair of brown sandals, and then looked at the clearance. (I'm not sure why, but I guess as soon as I'm trying to hold still to take a picture, I curl my even though I have my feet flat on the ground it looks like I'm trying to keep those sandals from falling off!)

And guess what I found on clearance? Converse chucks for $19!! Sadly there weren't very many in my size, but I found two pairs. This is the only time I've wished my feet were bigger because they had some in the pattern with gray and black diamonds with little broken hearts in the gray diamonds...but those were a ten, and in those I wear a, no broken hearts. :( But I got these plaid ones:

And also these ones which when I picked them up I thought they were fish or something. And I'm not crazy about fish, but I though I'd give them a try. Well, as I was trying them on, I realized that they don't have fish on them, they have cats on them. Little white w/black polka dotted cats...and one black cat:

And a black cat on the inside sole:

So I now have four new pairs of shoes, and I give my dad major points for not sounding too terribly shocked when he heard! ;)

As a side note, I realized I've never had brand-new Converse, they're still bit stiff and the soles are still slippery so I'm slipping around a bit today! And also, does anyone actually wear their shoes laced the way they come from the shoe store? I had to re-lace my shoes. And I don't know if they've gone to "vanity-sizing" shoes as well as clothes or what, because the sandals are 8.5...I can't usually wear an 8.5!

After we went to Shoe Carnival, Mom and I went to Barnes and Noble and looked at gardening books and magazines. We couldn't find any very helpful books though, even the ones that were supposed to be for North Carolina gardening didn't have much local information. We finally decided we'd do better looking things up online. And I got a frappuccino from the Starbucks cafe place in B&N and still managed to get to sleep despite the caffeine! :) I guess I was tired.

When we were walking into Barnes and Noble, I was holding the door open so Mom could go in first, and this dude who was coming out just barged through like I was holding the door for him! He mumbled "thank you", but he should have been able to see that I was holding the door for Mom not him! *hmph*

Oh, I thought this was funny! When I was waiting in line at the shoe store, there was this guy in front of us with his wife, and he had on black and gray camo shorts, but some of the camo spots were plaid. Like he could hide in a field, preppy people! :p Because that certainly wouldn't have been his natural habitat either. ;) People watching is fun. :p

So, I've actually been rather busy! And then tomorrow I've got a dentist appointment to get my teeth cleaned...and after that I'd better keep them good and clean, because I won't have insurance that pays for a cleaning twice a year! :( Which reminds me, I need to remember to ask them tomorrow how much a cleaning actually costs.

Anyway, that's what I've been up to this week... I actually think having this job even though it's only two days a week, will help me get more things done. It sounds funny to say that I'll get more done if I have five free days in a week instead of seven, but I always work better with less time than I need rather than more. And this way I'll still be at home most of the week, and I'll have time to do all the other stuff I want/need to be doing.

Oh yeah, one note to self: Don't pick up the cat when I get home from work! I got home Tuesday afternoon and Gracie started rubbing against my leg and acting all happy to see me because she missed me, so I picked her up, but as soon as she smelled me and realized I smelled like I'd been holding some other little "creature" she got really mad and started hissing and attacking me...with her claws out even. She usually just hits at you with soft paws, but she had her claws out and was also biting me! I can't believe how upset she was...ouch. So, I won't pick her up until I've showered and/or changed clothes, unless I want to be attacked by my insanely jealous little cat. :p Sheesh...

Okay, I'll try not to let another whole week go by before I blog again! :)


Rebecca said...

I wish I could find a store with only giant shoes! :)

Congratulations on getting the job!

Natalie said...

Thanks! :)

You want me to get you some broken-heart chucks?

mandolinartist aka amanda said...

Nice shoes!

I like the new profile picture! Wink Wink....

Congrats on being a nanny. Which days will you be working? (Did you say that...?)

Sounds like you and your mom really 'painted the town.' Sounds like fun!

Natalie said...

Ha-ha! I'll post the link tonight or tomorrow to the rest of the LOVELY pictures you took of me! :)

Thanks, I don't know yet which days I'll be working, either Monday and Thursday or Tuesday and Friday.

Sounds like you and your mom really 'painted the town.'

Uh...sure. :) Yeah, it was fun!