Thursday, July 24, 2008

Pictures part 2

More pictures.

Looking at clothes at Goodwill:

Stripy shirt:

Horrible purple velvet plaid shirt Rebecca came across...I'm not sure why she looks so happy...probably laughing at my look of horror:

Andrea doesn't want her picture taken:

Getting ready to leave:

Andrea is "shocked" about something:

Okay, they're getting in the van:

Leave already!! My, we're all blurry! I'm also not really sure why we all look so mad in this picture:

Oh wait, I know why I look peeved...we had been having some big discussion about backing out of driveways because Grandpa about took out our plants around the mailbox when he backed out the day before. I think I said I'm not very good at backing, but I could back out of the driveway fine. So Uncle Jim was purposely backing out horribly so I could see how to not do it or something...I was not amused. :p

Yep, that was it...because actually, I'm the only one who looks peeved really...I'm not sure you can tell from this picture because it's so blurry, but Colin looks dramatically worried, Dad's wondering what on earth Uncle Jim is doing, Mom is laughing at Uncle Jim, Grandpa thinks it's funny, but is wondering why he's doing that, and Grandma does not approve. That sound pretty accurate, family members? As I said, I'm not sure that it's obvious to someone who doesn't know our family, but I recognize those expressions. ;p

This reminds me, look what I saw at Target a couple weeks ago! Apples To Apples: On the go

Now I know what else I can ask for for my birthday! So far the only two things I'd come up with were salad plates to go with my dishes and some scarves. So here's a third thing anyway.

And the best part? "100% new card content"!!!!
And it comes in a nice little box with a handle on it...obviously it has fewer cards, but if they're new, who cares how many there are?

Oh, I see there's also the party box expansions one and even more cards! Wow, you could collect all of them and have thousands of cards to play Apples to Apples with!!


rebecca said...

That sound pretty accurate, family members?

I don't remember any of that. But I also can't remember what day it is...

How could that shirt not make you smile? :)

Natalie said...

Thursday. ;)

MomCat said...

Why am I holding a camera (a camera??!!) and a stack of papers?

I don't remember the backing out business either. I mostly remember it was blazing hot and everybody was taking pictures. My two favorite things in life...heat and picture-taking.

Natalie said...

You were holding the camera because I had to set it down to either be in a picture, or to hug my cousins.

As for the papers(?), I was wondering about that myself! I can't think what papers they would be...and I especially don't know why you would have carried them outside.

Unless they were Colin's...that's the only thing I can think of.