Monday, May 19, 2008

And...I have no ideas for a title...

Ah, I was planning on blogging earlier, but I've been busy almost all day. Monday I've got more to get done today through Wednesday, because we'll be at the homeschool convention Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. So there probably won't be much blogging the latter half of this week either. Or actually, if I have time maybe I'll write some blog posts in between sessions. Illustrated with lots of photography.

So I've been cleaning and stuff like that today. I was also working on my messenger bag. I would take a picture, but it would still just look like a bunch of pieces of fabric, so I'll wait till I get it done. All that I have left to do is put the lining in, but I had a feeling I shouldn't attempt that tonight, so I stopped and now I'm blogging instead. (Aren't you all lucky? :p) Hopefully I'll be able to get the bag done tomorrow or Wed. as I was planning on using it at the convention...especially since I said Colin could use my backpack. I guess if I don't get it done I can use my old backpack with the difficult zipper...if it even closes? I don't really remember...I think it closes but the zipper gets stuck a lot.

I don't think I'll bother going to any more garage sales unless they are really close to us. I went to a bunch Saturday morning and they just don't have much that we need. I don't know if people around here just don't sell the sort of things we're looking for (silverware, dishes, fabric, etc.) or if people aren't getting rid of much because of the way the economy is, or if you never find this sort of stuff at garage sales. Because most of the stuff for sale isn't anything we one of the sales I stopped at I overheard this lady going on and on to her friend about "All the lovely things she didn't know she needed!" like it was some wonderful store that she just couldn't stop buying stuff at! And at that one in particular I didn't see anything I was interested in.
Altogether I found a couple glass jars, one nice little cookie cutter that will be good for shortbread, a white shirt in a bucket of free stuff, and a little cabinet for my bathroom. The cabinet was the best of all that.

Here's the cookie cutter:

The white shirt has some stains on it, which would be why it was in a free bucket, but I'll have a go at it with some bleach, and if that doesn't work I was planning on wearing it layered under other shirts anyway, so it won't be a problem.

The cabinet needs to be painted, although I actually, for some strange reason, like the pale yellow color that's on it now! How odd, I usually hate yellow... But yellow won't work with our bathroom anyway, so I'm thinking either white or pale green. I already have white paint, plus it would look nice and clean, so I'm leaning towards that.

Colin was thrilled when I came home with this...he came out to the car when I got home and saw this in the back seat and started asking me what I got. "I got a cabinet for my bathroom. For our bathroom."
"Ooo, neat!" he says, "And it has a drawer to put the toothpaste in!" Well, we'll see about that, but anyway, I'm glad he liked it. :)

I got it for six dollars...the guy was asking eight for it. He said his daughter had started painting it but never finished. So I offered him five for it, pointing out that I was going to have to repaint it. We made a deal at six; he said I was a couple years younger than his daughter, so he couldn't charge me too much for it. Uh, okay, whatever...I guess he felt like he would be mean to make me pay more for it. I was actually willing to pay the eight, but I thought I'd see if I could get it for less.
I was thinking about it later, and realized that more than likely I'm really about the same age that guy's daughter. People always think I'm younger than I am...when I was around 11-13 people thought I was 15 or 16, but I seem to have just stuck there. Hmm...if you all didn't know how old I was, what would you guess my age is? (Of course people who know me in person have an advantage, everyone else has to go by pictures I've posted on here!)

Oh, by the way, when I was out Saturday I stopped at Starbucks, and while I was in there I picked up the free iTunes downloads they had that day...after finding them on YouTube and listening to some of them, I realized they are either annoying, or boring, or both. But...if these are to anyone else's taste, I'll give you the download code for them (click to enlarge):

Colin and I also washed the car on Saturday. It really needed cleaning, especially inside. I vacuumed tons of leaves and dirt and fine gravel off of the floor, and wiped all the dust off the dashboard and radio and out of the door pockets. It looked like a new car when I got done! And the whole time I was vacuuming, Colin was hovering behind me asking if I was ready to wash the car yet. :)

We finally got to the washing part and he was happy...he did a pretty good job too, until he says, "Wow, these tires are dirty!" Ack...don't wash anything else with that sponge! I'd forgotten to explain to him that you need to do the tires last and the front tires very last. He was working on one side of the car and had just headed on down to the front left tire and now had a very dirty sponge. It was time for him to go in for lunch at that point anyway, so I finished up the car myself. Not without help though: I was doing the windows with Windex and the neighborhood cat hopped in the seat next to me and rubbed against me as I cleaned...she's getting very annoying. I'm afraid I ended up getting Windex on her too, it blew sometimes when I was spraying it, and I think it blew right onto her. Oh well...she needed cleaning.


Rebecca said...

I like the cabinet! And they never have good music at Starbucks...but they try to force it on you anyway :)

Will said...

That cabinet was a good deal for six dollars, the wood alone would have cost you more than that. I know what it is like to be stuck on the same age, I have been 17 or 18 for about 7 years. :p

abigail said...

Folks never think I'm 16. They always guess 13! I'd probably place you as 17 based on the few pictures I've seen of you, but when declared wrong, 18 would be my next guess. If that's any consolation. ;)

I like the pale yellow of the cabinet too! But white will be nice.